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30 Japanese Quotes About Love

About Love

The modern culture of the land of the rising sun has about fifty Japanese philosophers, whose works are among the cultural heritage of the nation. Since Japan is geographically isolated from the rest of the world, it has developed in a unique way. The culture of Japan is very different from the culture of other countries. People in Japan are very wise – they always live in peace with nature and enjoy everything that surrounds them. Their life is slow and measured; they never fuss; they prefer to observe the world around and study it in the smallest detail.

There is nothing more interesting than thinking about love. It seems that you know everything about it, but every new event inevitably changes the overall picture. Love has one strange property: it is difficult to express in words. Although it can rise to heaven and make you commit the craziest deeds. Fortunately, some people are able to express all the magic of love in simple and perfect words. Japanese sages are used to expressing their thoughts wisely and briefly. These are wise phrases, reading which you begin to better understand your emotions, heart matters, and look at the world and love in a new way.

30 Japanese Quotes About Love
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  1. If you want to be loved, give love to other people first. – Many modern men and women are desperately seeking love, trying to fulfill the need to be loved. However, the sad truth for many people is that relationships with a new person will not make them happy. But love means to give love to another person. Only a person in whom this feeling already exists can bestow with love.
  2. Only a truly human person is capable of both loving and hating.
  3. Love that survived a breakup is rewarded with eternity.
  4. In fact, dying for the sake of a loved one is not difficult. It’s much harder to live a life for this person.
  5. Only those who have a warm heart can experience infinite happiness and eternal love.
  6. Flaming love is not the best fuel for the hearth. – Sometimes it happens that love doesn’t bring tender feelings, but “burn’. In such cases, it is called a sick love and it must be stopped before it gets worse.
  7. Ask for love and it will take away the excess and give what is missing.
  8. Give your love to everything you do. Try to bring love to this world and all the people around.
  9. The rumor has long gone that night and autumn will seem shorter when your loved one is with you.
  10. Whoever you love, don’t trust this person the secrets. – Yes, it may seem strange but you should be careful when telling secrets even to the closest people.
  11. Cold prudence in love is inherent in women who have known many men in their lives.
  12. Love has no eyes.
  13. Only a truly human person can love and hate.
  14. Love destroys the most sacred thing in people – pride. – It is difficult to disagree with the words of a Japanese philosopher. When people are in love, they will not spend time on such destructive feelings.
  15. Be with someone who loves you, and don’t dream about who you want to be with.
  16. Love exists in marriage as long as a husband and wife continue to be interested in each other’s thoughts.
  17. Falling in love doesn’t mean to love… You can fall in love even by hating. – People often confuse fleeting passion and love. But if passion can be combined with hatred, then true love is a feeling of a different order. A person who loves thinks about the good of a loved one.
  18. Love is a tender feeling: it doesn’t tolerate betrayal and lies, burns down in the fire of jealousy, breaks down on the wall of treason and pretense.
  19. Love doesn’t need to be sought. Love is not around us but inside us. And if you have created a space for love in your soul, love will definitely come.
  20. The freer and stronger people, the more exacting their love becomes. – Despite the numerous conversations that true love doesn’t have pride, in practice, mature people most often suffer from such selflessness. The stronger a person becomes, the more requirements he/she has to a loved one.
  21. In the relationship between a man and a woman, there shouldn’t be someone else’s opinion and advice. – Love is extraordinarily different in its manifestations. So, people describe it in their own way.
  22. Love is held primarily on fidelity. Fidelity becomes the guarantor of a lasting relationship. When a man doesn’t trust a woman, not finding loyalty in her, he will not build a healthy, long relationship with her. A loving man will give all his energy only to a woman faithful to him, not paying attention to others.
  23. The attraction of souls turns into friendship, the attraction of mind that turns into respect, the attraction of bodies turns into passion. And only together these factors can turn into love.
  24. A woman must be loved so that the rest of the men will feel excruciatingly painful that they can’t do the same.
  25. Take care of each other. It is very difficult to find anyone really worthwhile.
  26. You must learn to forgive. After all, the moment when you need forgiveness will come one day.
  27. Many women manage to take possession of the heart of a man, but few of them can control it. – It is always bright, emotional, and impressive. Everything changes when you are in love: eyes glow, joy appears on the face, and a great mood.
  28. If you treat your woman as the best, she will treat you well and prosperity will come to your house.
  29. Get married no matter what. If you get a good wife, you will be the exception, and if she is bad, you will become a philosopher.
  30. Only a man who respects a woman can break up without humiliating her.

Love is the main meaning of life, its main core. After all, it is this feeling that makes you grow, develop, and strive for the best. Its role and incredible importance very accurately convey the statements of great people about love. Japanese quotes help learn the wisdom of these people and learn a lot of useful tips for yourself about lifestyle and attitude towards others. These wonderful quotes teach people to honor their loved ones with special trepidation. If you follow all the tips that these wonderful quotes give, you can make your life comfortable and interesting.

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