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7 Room Interior Designer Tips to Create a Beautiful Home

7 Room Interior Designer Tips to Create a Beautiful Home

If you are looking for getting your rooms designed in a way that can attract and comfort any eye, we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 designer secrets that we are going to expose to you in the form of tips to create a beautiful home in no time.

Use The Correct Height To Hang Artwork

Some people hang their photographs and artwork too high in their rooms that their real beauty is lost. The right way to do it is to hang it in a way that its bottom is only 3-8 inches above the furniture. The height should be lower for huge pieces of artwork while higher for small pieces.

Get Your Bookshelves Rearranged

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A good technique to rearrange your bookshelf is to place 60% of your books vertically while the rest of them horizontally. The horizontal books should be stacked a bit lower than the vertical books.

The Right Mirror Placement

The next thing that you need to do to make your room look a bit more attractive is to place the mirror at the correct height. Every room has to have a mirror. But how can it make the room look more attractive? Some expert interior designers say that the correct position for the mirror is about 57 inches above the ground. Mirrors can also create optical illusions and can brighten your room as well if placed directly in front of your room’s window.

Choose The Right-sized Rug

Choose the rug that fits your needs. For example, if you have to place a rug underneath the coffee table, use a rug that can cover the front legs of the sofa but not the back legs.

Choose The Right-sized Dining Table

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If you can buy a new dining table to renovate your home, go for a table not wider than 36 inches. This sized table will easily let you eat while placing the dishes and centerpieces on it as well. If you don’t have much space, pick a round table that can be placed in a corner. The round shape will allow more eating space.

Follow The Right Color Scheme

A great color scheme to get your house pretty is to choose a dominant color for 60% area of your room, secondary color for 30% of it and an accent color for the rest 10%. Give the walls that dominant color while the small cushions on your sofa can be in the accent color. This color scheme will surely make your room look more attractive and welcoming than ever because the colors matter a lot in decoration.

Choose A Coffee Table Of These Measurements

Having a coffee table of the right size is also a must thing to do. An ideal coffee table usually is about 20 inches above the ground. Place the table about 18 inches far from the sofa so that your guests can comfortably sit. For the coffee table, or anything you would like to have choose the for better version of your choice.

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