Sunday, January 24, 2021

All You Need To Know About Couchtuner And Its Alternatives

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Nowadays everyone is subscribing to Netflix or Hulu for enjoying premium streaming. However, the pockets of everyone don’t permit it, unfortunately. 

Thankfully, the world of IT is so vast; the Internet is an overwhelming fortune in this century. There are millions of movie streaming sites available on the Internet. Luckily the couchtuner is on the top of the list.

Do You Know About Couchtuner?

It is just an online streaming site that shows simplicity mostly rather than trumping complexity. The home page of couchtuner displays the most trending shows. Also, all those that are all-time favorite newly released episodes and many more.

For finding your favorite show on couchtuner you can type the name on the search bar located in the top-right corner of the site. Simply after typing the name of that show, press Enter on the keyboard then wait a split second for display and enjoy your show.

When you will find a show that you want to see, all you need to do is select and watch your desired show. Moreover, your adblocking software that is provided should be off. Thus the couchtuner will show a media player and let you watch your desired show that was selected for free even without any restriction.

How Can You Use It?


First of all download the professional couchtuner Downloader, which is available free for you. The best thing is that it is available for all like, windows and mac. Everybody can enjoy it. After installing, launch it after that these interfaces will pop up.

  • First Step

Start by importing the couchtuner video URL and then go to the couchTuner website.

  • Second Step

Then set the final output format but remember that this is optional.

  •  Third Step

At last, start to download the couchtuner videos.

Why Should You Prefer CouchTuner?

The best part is that its streaming goes on for free and doesn’t require downloading any software clients or any plugins. As much as streaming content goes on forward, the couchtuner boots up a very fairly and impressive library. This site contains every latest TV show and movies that are releasing day by day,

This site was designed for providing all and demanding shows. Therefore the chances of not finding your favorite TV show or Movie are very slim or negligible. When you will find your favorite show or movie that you want to watch, then simply click on it and wait while the couchtuner displays the media player. Finally, watch it in peace.

Is There Any Drawback Of It?

The only trouble is that it displays ads during the show. So for resolving it, make sure that you must have an excellent ad blocker installed. 

What Are The Alternatives Of Couchtuners?


No doubt that it is one of the best sites for streaming free content. It will rapidly catch fire as it surfaced on the view of copywriters.

For the sack of survival, couchtuner hopped around with domain names that are showing with different titles. These titles are:

  • Whatnot

Some of the common mirrors of couchtuner are as followed:

  • Couchtuner
  • Mycouchtuner
  • Couchtuner123
  • Couchtuner

Although it might be a solution, however, the confusion with the domain names is indeed a definite call for a lookout for the alternatives of couchtuner.

Along with the final demise of the site, there are several other free movie streaming sites sprung up.  Additionally, they are offering somehow similar services. But you have to admit that couchtuner is providing excellent service along with the latest entertainment content. This includes the latest shows like Ricky and Morty. The alternatives of it provide reliable streaming ways too. 

Top Alternatives Of Couchtuner

Some of the top streaming sites are given below: 

  • Putlocker

It is one of the popular streaming sites. Considerably, this site provides a good library for TV shows and movies. The quality of this streaming site is very good along with steady buffering.  Indeed the site is thankful around, but as we all know that unfortunately it also some clones too, So you just have to make sure that you are landing on the right site before starting streaming. 

  • Daily TV Fix

This site is offering a decent library of TV shows and movies that are mostly alike. There is no doubt that the site provides the latest entertainment content to you. Moreover, the site displays the entire latest uploads on the home page for his visitors and viewers to latch on. 

Further, there are varieties of mirrors available for each show or movie. Even more, it has an active and advanced forum section for its users for the sack of socializing and also put it on request for uploads.

  • Primewire

It is also a free streaming site, Primewire permits its users for streaming movies in multiple resolutions. Moreover, it individually mirrors the whole list, which is based on the quality that they are providing. For enjoying your favorite movie here, all you need to do is, make an account as soon as possible and start streaming through it. 

  • Rainierland

It is one of the best alternatives to couchtuner among the rest of all alternatives. It offers a massive selection of both TV shows and movies. The site is designed very simply so that the people could use it easily without facing trouble. Moreover, the site lets you switch in between the alternative servers while you are streaming.

  • Alluc

You cannot claim it as a typical online site. Instead, it is a stream search engine with more than 80 million streaming links from more than 700 VOD services and the hosts for video and files. Same as Google and other such major search engines. The employees of Alluc are automated web crawlers, they tirelessly search the internet looking for the TV shows and movies that are online.  



Enjoy your Sunday with couchtuner that is indeed the best choice. It provides several benefits. You can spend time with family, easily refresh your mind, and the above all is that it is free of cost. You don’t need to pay a huge amount every month.

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