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The Creature Ark Equus in Survival Evolved

ark equus

Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the most prominent and famous PC games. Many players around the world play this amazingly real game.

Furthermore, the survivors also establish their bases for their defense. You can also tame a prehistoric and wild animal. Other than this, you can defend yourself with firearms and weapons. The players move around the game on their tamed beast or by foot. The game also involves different creatures. One of them is Ark Equus.

The Ark Equus

Equus is an Ark: Survival Evolved mammal. This Ark Equus was released quite recently in the game. It might take some tries to tame this tricky creature. However, it could take a much longer time to even find one. That’s why some players report searching for hours. 

Due to all this fatigue,  you must think why should I want to tame on Ark Equus?  Nevertheless, the time and the effort is totally worth it. It’s great speed and torpor buck attack makes it a crucial tame early on in your Ark experience. 

Basic Information About Ark Equus

ark equus

This section is an exact copy of what the survivor Helena, the author of the Dossier, has written. However, there may be variations between the text and the in-game creatures.

  • Behaviour In The World

The Ark Equus seems to be an ancestor of the modern horse. Due to its stripes, it may be an African variant of Equus Gigantes, which was visible in North America during the ice age. But this is pure imagination. Its behavior in the wild resembles that of the other wild members of the Ark Equus genus. It comforts itself by grazing while keeping safe from predators by living in the herd and outrunning its strikers via superior stamina and speed.

  • Domesticated 

Horses and men have long been loyal partners in survival and this persists even on the Island. In the Ark Equus, survivors will find trustworthy pack animals or steeds that can carry them swiftly across the Island.

Moreover, taming an Equus is interesting, as it requires a careful approach to the creature in the wild. Climbing it and then carefully smoothing over time by feeding vegetables to it. 

In addition, some survivors employ the Ark Equus herd and wrangle other creatures with a specialized lasso. Besides this, this tool is sometimes effective for self-defense as well, as the Ark Equus is limited in the battle on its own, at least compared to aggressive prehistoric carnivorous.

  • Appearance

The  Equus appears mostly like a large modern breed of domestic horse or zebra. Besides this, it has zebra stripes, long wild mane,  tail like a horse, and a shaggy beard like a goat’s. Whereas,  in terms of size it is a comparatively larger horse breed.

  • The Equus Spots

As you know that the Ark Equus is kind of hard to find in Survival Evolved. You might want to know where you can easily find one. Luckily, here I will tell you some spots where you should look for an Ark Equus on the map. Moreover, I will also discuss if you find an Equus what you should do to tame it as well.

You can find an Ark Equus in all of the three world maps in Ark: Survival Evolved. 

  • The Island.
  • The Centre
  • Scorched Earth
  • Dangers And Weakness

The Equus does not seem to present any immediate threat. However, the predators close by are your biggest worry. Focusing on the kill can easily distract you from your surrounding. If you attempt to tame it, it might kick you and set your torpor to 50% right away, leaving you unable to defend yourself.

Although, when we talk about weakness most weaponry or should be able to kill them without difficulty -provided with you can keep up with it. 

How to Tame an Equus?

ark equus

Now, that you know the spots where you can find them. You should also know about their taming process. Because it is important to take care of them in a really good manner.

  • Look out the area around the Equus for any potential threats that you should eliminate
  • The Equus should not get injured, startled or killed 
  • Your taming process could reset if the Equus is hit
  • You should have Kibble or Rockarrot with you
  • During taming, the Equus prefer to use these foods 
  • Put the foot in the last slot of your action bar

End Point

The reason behind its popularity is that its virtualities are so much like the real world. Similarly, as it looks like a real-world, the players have to defend themselves from hostile people and animals. 

The Ark Equus is a useful early game tame. Besides this, Equus are passive creatures that when startled,  will attempt to run away. Moreover, Bolas and any kind of ranged or short-ranged weapons are effective at killing them and stopping them along with most tames.

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