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The Water Animal Ark Otter in Survival Evolved

ark otter

Let’s enjoy a day with Otter, which is one of the creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved. Otter is a carnivorous mammal. The otter is passively conquering using raw fish meat.

If you will find Otter in the Argy’s Talons, drop the otter and pick it up with the break. After that, you will be able to land and Ark otters will have to remain stationary for you to bring fishes also.

Do you have any Idea About Argy Fishing?

This is possible for Argentavis to pick up an otter out of water. The otter is close for surface and the Argy does not touch the water. Simply fly on the water surface and grab the otter and bring it to land.

Let’s know some basic information about ARK Otter.

Do you have any Idea About the Behavior of Otters?

ark otter

Most of the life of otters spend in water moreover rapid darting around without wandering so far from their region. Their targets are fish through which they could harvest raw fish, silica pearls, and black pearls.  Furthermore, they can also harvest meat from dead corpses too. Instead after taming they could only eat fish.

Let Me Tell you About the Appearance of Otter

Apparently otters are small animals, easily overlooked and clearly resembling the modern otter. Their fur is short, lustrous, and brown in color. They move with distinctive loping gait on land.

Do you Like the Color scheme and region of Otter?

Let’s know the display that is the otter’s natural color and regions. The lower regions are red over an albino Otter. Additionally, their colored squares showing underneath each region’s description, these are the colors that the otter will randomly spawn for providing the overall range of its natural color scheme.

Let’s Know His Trivia

  • First-time ARK Otter was revealed on 5 August 2017
  • They are omnivores, in fact, they are piscivores. Thus they only eat fish.
  • Otters don’t receive any pack bonus when they stay nearby other wild or tamed otters.
  • This scientific name translates as Hairy Otter. There is no real-world classification.
  • The otter can’t transport any Artifacts.
  • The real otters are social animals; they live in a group called a romp. However, otters do not have this behavior.

All About the Base Stats and Growth

Interestingly creatures will have different stats in the survival of the fittest

  • Base Creature Statistics

We need it for the sack of comparing stats of all the creatures

  •  Creature Stats Calculation

It is required for an explanation of level up calculation and confirmation that how exactly it takes place.

  •  Movement Speed

It is actually a base speed of the creature at 100%.

  •  Base Creature Speeds

This is usually needed for the sack of comparing the speed of all the creatures.

What do you Know About the Wild Stats Level Up

This is actually the value of wild creatures which is required to see that on which stats does it emprise. For breeding, green values on the high-level creatures are very good. Moreover, if you have already tamed the creature then you can try to recover the breeding-stats with an external tool.

ark otter

Combat: Otter Against His Enemy

 Here is how ARK Otter fights.

  • General Response Of Otter

Otter is indeed a friendly creature. At the time of the attack, Otter attempted to flee. So, let’s get ready for the chase.

  • Strategy Against Situation

Unfortunately, otters have low health therefore a spear can also make quick work of an otter.

  • Dangers and Threats From Otter

You don’t need to be worried because otters possess no dangers even in low-level survivors. But remember, the low speed of the water can lead a survivor into a more dangerous area very quickly.

  • Weakness Of Otter

Unfortunately, very low HP is its weakness. Moreover, Piranhas or Swarms of Salmon can easily kill it.

  • Can Otter Collect The Pearls?

One of my favorite abilities of otters is to collect pearls. Additionally, it can collect Silica Pearls and very rarely Black Pearls. Through this, the fishes can be provided with early survivors. Moreover, the advanced survivor can also be provided without any ocean presence.

  • What Does Otter Do For Taming?

The otter is passively tamed just like Hesperornis. Additionally, the fishes have to be killed additionally their corpses dragged to the otter. Meanwhile, the presto feeds the fish to the otter. Ichthyornis kill large fishes, this provides a huge taming percentage per fish.

Moreover, they tamed through solo survivors. The otters gather fish that ease the task of re-locating the tiny animal for feeding. The effectiveness of taming reduces during the taming on land and the taming bar drops during feeding.


Stop thinking and stop searching for other animals. Go and get experience with ARK Otter. You will definitely love to spend your day with Otter. Resolve the challenges and be a friend of ARK Otter.

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