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Bedpage Alternatives – List of 22 Best

You need to post your ads in different categories so that they can reach more and more viewers. More viewers mean more chance of transactions and that is your need too. Hence, you are looking for back page sites, or the listing sites – right? Yes, in that sense Bedpage is a lovely choice for all your purpose. It is a fine place for putting your free ads. Just signup and post your ads. Get through the different features of Bedpage, so that you can find it easy to manage your ads on the site.

Features of Bedpage

  • At the very beginning, you will be choosing the category, where your ad will be posted. It can be under jobs, can be under cars or rents or even house rents or properties. There are multiple options under which you can categorize your ads for the best result.
  • Excellent traffic to support you is always there in the case of Bedpage. The first and the foremost thing that you need for getting success out of your ads is through the number of viewers. And this thing is directly linked with that of your main site traffic. In the case of Bedpage, you are going to get exactly what you are looking for.
  • The validity of the ads and sending the ads to the top, over time – these are the two things that help you to make your ad viewed mostly. Bedpage allows you the same giving you more options.
  • Completely free to use, with simple social network signup
  • Unlimited ad posting support

However, the need of yours cannot be met, if you post the ads on only one site. There is a different set of traffic for different listing sites and if your ad goes to all the places, you are going to make the most from the ads. Thus is the need to find the best Bedpage alternatives, as that will help you in getting more viewers and hence in fulfilling the purpose of your advertisement. Here are the 15 best alternatives to Bedpage that is going to work perfectly for you, with almost the same features.

Sites Like Bedpage for Ad Posting – Alternatives

1. WallClassifieds

This is a must-see website if you’re in the market to find a Bedpage alternative. They cover a wide range of categories including the ones that Bedpage covers. The site has a friendly look and feel and it should not take you any longer than a few minutes to find what you have been after for. The whole concept of it having a friendly design contributes to speeding up of finding an item.

Another eye-catching matter on this website is that they cover almost every city for the countries that they support. You basically can be certain that your area is covered through this website as long as your country is listed on it. Go ahead and give them a try right now and happy browsing.

2. FinderMaster

FinderMaster has done a phenomenal job of presenting its pages. It’s a perfect Bedpage alternative as it does even more than your typical marketplace site. It showcases your country map right off the bat and you can dive into the category you’re interested right after. It simply presents a true way of how a classified ads website should be designed.

It has a modernized look compared to the other websites listed here and it has easy to go through pages and menu options. As its name suggests, it is a finder master. The faster you can go through a website site, the better the user experience you’ll have. I’m almost certain that you can go through the pages of FinderMaster in seconds before you land the product or service you’re after.

3. H1Ad

This site should be on top of your website list if you have an interest in finding similar products and services that are being offered on Bedpage. Its four letter domain name along with the corks and features it offers makes this site an ideal candidate for your needs. It has an easy to remember the name and it has a wide range of features. It can easily make it to the top of this list.

The name also indicates that they want to give every ad as much attention possible. The h1 is a tag used among programmers to display the most important heading of an article. They chose this name to show that they will make sure that every ad is being treated as the most important ad on their site. Visit them right now.


This is not exactly one among the Bedpage alternatives but is going to serve your purpose perfectly. Unlike the global impact that you would have found in the case of Bedpage, here the service is entirely local. You can post unlimited ads here, free of cost and get it viewed by the local traffic.

For selling items, or seeking employees locally, or even for selling properties within the locality, this is the best possible site for you. Ad posting is very much easy here for the excellently easy interface and in each case, you can alternate your contact details too, for a better reach of the ad.

5- GiganticList

Another must-visit Bedpage alternative is GiganticList. It takes your breath away when you figure how large a website it really is and its name just suggests that. You can expect to find almost any type of service out there and what I understand is that they aim to continue to expand every day.

Its ease of use and modern design are other two matters that you probably will notice after a minute browsing through it. It just makes the whole user experience quite more pleasant when the design of a site is this simple yet complex. Give them a try, visit it now.

6- AdvertiseEra

One easy way of knowing if you have landed the right classifieds is to see how many ads are posted under each category. Advertise Era has done this right on their home page. You can simply see all their categories in one shot.

It’s best to sign up for the site as it makes the whole tracking ads quite easier. It comes quite handy too if your aim is to rather post ads as you can modify the ad under the account menu item. Browse the site right now.

7- ClassifiedsFactor

The aim of this page is to showcase the Bedpage alternatives and the Classifieds Factor certainly makes it to this list. It offers what Bedpages offers and it does look like the Bedpage to a degree. It has a simpler design but it is just as effective.

It may take you seconds to find the service you have been after as once again this website has been designed in a way that it’s easy to browse through it.

8- RectangleAd

The word that comes to my mind is modern when I look at Rectangle Ad. It has all the features that one may want to see in a classified ads site. They mostly promote their triple-A customer service as well as it being a global site; however, I’d say they’re being modest as they do offer a great service.

Its name represents how ads usually are displayed i.e. in a rectangle. The posted ads go live almost immediately so you’ll always see fresh ads on the site. This is again another must-see website, go ahead and check them out.

9. Craiglist

Craigslist can be regarded as one of the best Bedpage alternatives for the excellent traffic it has, and also for the super support of categories, to place your ads. There are different features in the site that are going to give you enhancing element for your ad posting in the division of housing, gigs, and many more things. This site avails the support to you for using the different demography and hence it is eased by many other means.

The site is completely free to post your ads and you can customize or provide more details on the profile page, as they are naturally fed to each of your ads. There is also no limitation of posting ads here – the only thing is you will have to wait for the approval from the admin to make your ads visible on the portal.

10. Channels

This is a fine alternative to Bedpage and is very much easy to be handled too. For posting ads, there is no need of creating an account here too. You can directly post an ad, by choosing the right category and in each ad, you can place your own details as you feel. In fact, anonymous posting is also allowed here.

Since there is no need of creating an account here, you will also feel no need to verify your account. Hence, post unlimited ads and make them visible at the most. The site is having inbuilt traffic and there are thousands of viewers onto it, every day. So, after placing the ads, just relax a bit and start getting hundreds of responses for your ads.

11. YesBackpage

This is the site that has all the features, you usually find in the Backpage. Backpage is the site that is going to give the best view of ad posting, but there ads or account making is not free – you need to pay there. YesBackpage is the perfect Bedpage alternatives, where you need to pay not a single penny, but get all the facilities that you usually get in the paid site.

The site has immense support in terms of responses as it will give you the best possible views, with thousands of viewers coming to it every day and viewing thousands of ads.

12. Facebook Marketplace

There is nothing to say about the traffic here. Along with the traffic, you will also find the support of your community, friends, and others here to make your ad visible to all. Here you will get both paid and unpaid facility to put your ads and your ad can be simply anything.

It can be regarded as perfect Bedpage alternatives for the huge traffic it has got and for the best response sellers get out of the portal. It is the way to socialize your market at the same time while selling items. Simply go for inline sharing to make the ad perfected at the best.

13. 5Miles

This is a perfect local listing site that acts as an alternative to Bedpage ads. The classified, as is mentioned in the name itself is perfect for local listing. You can sell your stuff, can post your local ads for housing, rents and even for jobs under different categories.

The major issue here is that your ad is completely localized here. However, you can choose a different zone other than the map locates you, for putting your ads for a different time zone. Traffic here is not that much, if the only locality is considered, but on a whole, the traffic is enough to give you the support that you are looking for.

14. Peerhub

This is a great place and one the greatest Bedpage alternatives too. The best thing here is that you will find all the three things that you need – marketplace, community and a store at one place and that too at free of cost here.

There is another support that you will get here and that is in the terms of Bitcoin. You can make purchases and even sell items in exchange for Bitcoins – hence an additional advantage.

15. Rezella [Currently Down]

This is a site that needs no time to post an ad. There is even no need of signing up at this site too. However, the best thing is you can take the ads to a new level with the ads perfectly aligned for posting.

Traffic support here is excellent and that is going to ease your selling. You can even access the demography feature to make the selling confined to the local market. Thus it provides essential flexibility of selling too, making it one of the best alternatives to Bedpage.

16. Osliki Classifieds

This is a typical classified site, easy to be used and free for access. There is no need to think here to put many ads of similar type, as the ads will not be drowned with future ads. This is the best part of the site and for this reason, it is a preferred one among the users.

Traffic in the site is excellent and that is going to give you additional support in the case of your ads and their success. The site is completely free to use and you can put unlimited ads here, none of which will go down with the future ads.

17. Apartment Therapy Marketplace

This is not exactly one of the Bedpage alternatives since this site is not for all. It is the marketplace that is meant for the designers. Only the designer elements are to be displayed here in the market. So if you are of such kind, then it is a paradise for you.

Like all the sites, there is no need of paying anything here, but you will have to create a profile for selling or displaying items. The site is having excellent traffic, all of whom are design lovers. So, get the most out of it.

18. RoadSwap

This is a market place, which has not been abolished but there remained no update on the same for the last 2 years. People do make postings here and get responses too, but the site is basically meant for swapping products during travel or shifting your location.

Idealized with some different concept, the site was once a very much a preferred alternative to Bedpage for the users, but now there is no update on the same. Costing is entirely free here and this can be treated to be a perfect niche marketing arena.

19. CL Mobile

This is not basically an independent market place. So, you are not going to make any ad posting on the site, but you are able to check out the different ads that you have already placed on the Craiglist. So, this one is not basically a Bedpage alternative, rather it can be treated to be a supportive place for buying.

The site is also available over mobile phones, in androids and also in the case of iOS. There are no charges to use the app and it is available in the different smartphone market places.

20. TezPage

This is said to be the best one among all the Bedpage alternatives and the review is made by the users alone. The site is a perfect alternative of even the main Backpage classified, where you will find end number of categories. You are also allowed to post unlimited ads here and you can add different valuables with the ads too.

There is nothing called paid in this site, so it is perfectly free to be used and to be accessed from anywhere around the globe. So, create a profile on the same and start making the most out of it.

21. [Currently Down]

This is a great portal which is almost similar to that of the Bedpage, in terms of features and traffic. The portal can be accessed from anywhere around the world and that is supported with perfect traffic support to ease your buying or selling.

You are going to make chats with your users and buyers too – so it is really easy to be converted into a marketplace. There are endless categories in the portal and endless features in it too. So, get in touch and find support.

22. Luberpage

Once this was a great place for buying and selling items, but at present, the website is discontinued. The reason behind the discontinuation has not been declared, as according to the latest status, the site had perfect traffic support and also some excellent features for selling items.

All the supports of buying and selling were completely free out there in the portal and due to the heavy traffic, your product viewing was also emphasized in the site. Considering everything, this is the portal that was used to give the best support in all possible ways.

Selecting the right alternatives of Bedpage

All the above sites are great Bedpage alternatives, each of which is free to be accessed and each of which is well supported for selling your items. Just select the right ones and start posting your ads and get more viewers. Make them available in the community too and that will help you in selling the items. Security aspect in each of the site is also perfected and hence can be used for your business purpose or for personal use at ease.

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