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About Real-Life Conjoined Twins Abby and Brittany Hensel

abby and brittany hensel

On 7th March 1990, Patty Hensel went to the hospital for the normal delivery of a baby but the doctors ended up in c-section because the baby was in the breech position. As for the astonishment part, two conjoined twins namely Abby and Brittany Hensel were born. The delivery scenario was one of its kind, two heads on a single body. Doctors were shocked and there was a pin drop silence for the brief 30 seconds in the room.  

It’s a Miracle

The chances for their survival were only from 5 to 25 pc. However, they are living proof of natural miracles. Though doctors suggested the surgical separation but famous fear of letting one daughter die restrained their parents from surgery. This makes them one of the unique of their kind. 

Amazingly they not only survived birth and infancy but successfully entered into adulthood with little health issues. Thus they now make only less than 12 living conjoined twins. Amazing! Isn’t it? 

Now, these wonderful, miraculous ladies survive with two heads. They have their own single spine, lungs, and stomach. While they share almost every other organ: torso, arms, legs, pelvis, internal organs, and reproductive organs.  

As far as their limbs are considered, they were born with 5 limbs. However, the fifth one was a greater source of discomfort for the twins. Thus it was removed at a young age. 

Hensels Pairing Up As Team

conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel

The twins form a great team and adjust themselves accordingly. Since Abby is a bit taller than Brittany, Brittany has to tip her toe while walking. 

Though they make a healthy adult, growing up was not a piece of cake for both of them. By the age of 12, Brittany stops growing prematurely. This thus resulted in Abby’s spinal cord operation to halt her growth. Also to avoid any issues in breathing the twins passed through scoliosis and preventive chest surgery.  

When it comes to getting sick, Brittany is more prone to flu and cold. In Fact, she has caught pneumonia twice. Amazingly that was the only time when Abby really wanted to get separated from Brittany because she got bored laying on a bed due to Brittany’s sickness.

Abby And Brittany Hensel Show

Invitation to the Oprah Winfrey show in 1996 brought them immense fame. From that day they are in constant public attention. Following the pace, the twins launched their own documentary under the banner of TLC namely Abby and Brittany show. Aired in 2012. 

Maintaining the Coordination

When it comes to controlling the body and coordination, Abby controls the right side while Brittany is responsible for the left. Astonishingly, either twin felt on their own side. However, in the case of movement, the twins face a lot more difficulties which we even didn’t think about. As for walking, writing, crawling, sitting, etc. both have to do the same things in a synchronized manner.  

This coordination is not only restricted to physical work but both are great at depicting what another one is thinking. ‘The coordination is so strong that one sister knows what the other is about to say’, claimed by one of their friends. However, according to their mother, they felt a little difficulty in sleeping. 

They Look the Same but their Nature is Different

conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel

Despite sharing a single body Abby and Brittany Hensel are completely different individuals. They have their own thinking and personality. Abby is a little bit more stubborn while Brittany is a funny one. Different brains nurture different perceptions and likes and dislikes. While Abby is good at mathematics, Brittany excels in arts.  

Thus due to different mindsets, both of them want a different high school. However, the whole learning would definitely be a tough call for them so they compromised. They both pursue their goal of becoming a teacher and take admission to Bethel University

After graduation, the twins got a job in a school as a 5th standard teacher. The salary of a single person is paid to them for some obvious reasons. The duo, however, is looking forward to having a better salary. 

As per them, they do tasks of two different persons, while one teaches another one can answer the questions. Also, both had two different perceptions on a single topic thus, they both are looking forward to having a better salary package. 

Making a Difference

Both Abby and Brittany Hensel make a great difference in people’s lives. They are a ray of hope and a source of inspiration. They not only walk like a pro but also play the piano, ride a bike and can drive the car exceptionally. 

The headteacher of the school where the twins teach also appreciate their presence. He believes that both Abby and Brittany are great sources of inspiration especially for students with different disabilities.

Both of them are regarded as two different persons legally. Thus they have their own passports, birth certificates, and driving licenses. Learning driving though was one of its kind experiences for them. Thanks to their highly organized coordination which made them pass the driving test with flying colors individually. 

When it comes to socialization, the conjoined twins have their own circle of friends and love to hangout. However extra attention from the public does upset them. Thus they avoid going to busy and crowded places. Also, the twins get frustrated when strangers tend to click their pictures. 

Both of them always buy a single ticket for flying since a single seat is enough for them. However, quite surprisingly they buy two tickets for the movie at the cinema.


Abby and Brittany Hansel

The conjoined twins are a living miracle and a great source of inspiration for people living a difficult life. Also, they set great examples of coordination and patience. Moreover, the importance they receive from the public is quite immense.

However, the ladies prefer to have low key life and do not like intimidating questions. Though they openly agree for getting married and having children, they strictly avoid answering such questions in detail. 

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