Wednesday, August 4, 2021

How much does it Cost to take Swimming Lessons?

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With fitness and health now becoming a necessity of the lifestyle of most people around the world, swimming lessons have become one of the most frequently sought-after outdoor activities, for its numerous physiological benefits (weight loss, muscle gain, better heart and lungs and many more). Which is why, finding a suitable instructor with a compatible timing routine that doesn’t overlap with our daily schedule, is quite difficult to find nowadays.  This is exactly where comes in. This swimming company shall be suggesting swimming trainers as per our needs as well as fits our time schedule.  Monetary charges shall only be taken after the first lesson. Due to their strict principles on the hygiene of pool water and maintenance of the swimming arena, Swimming Lessons Agency has now become one of the highly praised swimming schools in Singapore.

Now regarding the payment structure of the swimming lessons, the trial swimming lessons shall bear no cost at all, and the client needs to pay the coach only after he’s finished his first swimming lesson.

General swimming educational classes are divided into three categories: Kids group sessions, Adults group sessions, and private sessions.

1)  Kids

  • Kids group sessions monthly membership cost ranges from $60 to $80.
  • Swimming classes shall be organized once in every week, each session shall last for one hour, where the trainer shall be giving his/her attention to 8 to 10 children at a time.
  • The swimming classes shall be organized at the public swimming arena, and shall provide utmost care and attention to the children.

2) Adults

  • Unlike the monthly routine of the kid’s group, the adult group session consists of 10 lessons, which collectively costs from $200 to $250.
  • This program lasts for about 10 weeks, i.e. one swimming lesson per week. As per the guidelines by  Swimming Lessons Agency, each swimming batch shall not contain more than 10 adults at a time.
  • Classes will be held on public swimming arena, with a flexible schedule and sincere trainers ready to help their clients with any sort difficulty they face.

3) Private swimming classes

  • Swimming Lessons Agency also provides personal trainers for one-on-one private classes.
  • Along with the basic amenities provided to the group sessions, private swimming lessons shall include private housing and condo.
  • Prices vary depending on the student-trainer ratio. A one-to-one training shall cost from $220 to $280 for four sessions. For a two-to-one training, the price shall vary from $250 to $300 for four sessions. For a three-to-one training, charges will range from $280 to $360. If the number of students in a private session becomes more than three, it will require an additional cost of $80 to $100 per student.
  • Duration for adults and kids shall range from 45 minutes to an hour, and 30 to 40 minutes for infants and clients who need special lessons.
  • Swimming lessons for infants and the requirement for female trainer shall cost another additional $40.

Apart from providing standard swimming lessons, Swimming Lessons Agency has extended its facilities, including life-saving courses, as well as lifeguard tutorials. Considering the wide array of benefits available at a reasonable price, Swimming Lessons Agency is undoubtedly one of the best bargains in the field of swimming educational centre.

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