Bright Moments DAO-Driven NFT Art Festival Takes Tokyo by Storm


Bright Moments, the DAO-driven roving NFT art festival, has arrived in Tokyo, providing a live experience of minting generative Ethereum NFT artwork that spans multiple locations, three digital art collections, and dozens of notable artists. The primary venue features a custom arcade game cabinet adorned in pixel art, surrounded by towering video screens, and a mirror floor that gives the space a surreal allure.

The Tokyo event is held in the heart of Shibuya, where up to 1,000 attendees can mint a CryptoTokyoite, one of 10,000 total pixel avatars that serve as membership passes to the Bright Moments DAO.

Aside from the minting experience, the venue also showcases the Bright Moments Tokyo’s Japanese Contemporary collection and the AI Art Collection, the festival’s first dedicated AI collection. The latter features new works from 11 artists that produce artificial intelligence-assisted work, including Claire Silver, Pindar Van Arman, Kevin Abosch, Holly Herndon, and Mat Dryhurst.
According to the founder Seth Goldstein, “this collection offers hope of transformation amid the current cultural & technological zeitgeist.”
The weeklong event is not confined to one location. The Kyu Asakara House in Shibuya City presents a more traditional Japanese home and tea garden with generative works from 11 artists, including Jeff Davis, Lars Wander, Kim Asendorf, and Zancan.

Despite fluctuations in ETH prices and shifting appetites for tokenized artwork, the model of selling NFT mint passes in advance to fund globetrotting real-life experiences remains viable, as Bright Moments has proven with its globetrotting NFT art festival.
The event has successfully achieved its intended vibe of “Cirque du Soleil meets Coinbase,” establishing a distinctive gray area between purely digital and real-world art experiences.
Bright Moments’ Chief Experience Officer, Josh Goldstein, said, “So much of what we’re doing is a result of the pandemic. The pandemic was, you know, taking the basketball and pushing it underwater—and Bright Moments is about letting that ball just jump in the air. That’s kind of the momentum that we’re trying to follow through this.”

Bright Moments will continue to draw crowds and showcase its unique blend of NFTs and real-life experiences. The festival’s commitment to accountability in the blockchain space while connecting with people emotionally, viscerally, and physically in ways that cannot be achieved by purely transacting on-chain, sets it apart and bodes well for its future success.

Bright Moments will next shift to Buenos Aires in October and then to another city in early 2024 that is still being voted on by DAO members, ultimately culminating in a return to Venice Beach next year.