Crypto Analyst Shares How to Get Involved in gCOTI Airdrop


Crypto investor and trader Lady of Crypto has released a quick guide on how to farm the COTI airdrop. In one of her recent tweets, she breaks down how to farm COTI and become eligible for the airdrop.

Airdrops print money, so here’s a quick guide to farming the $gCOTI #airdrop from @COTInetwork. The last airdrop they did was worth tens of millions, so I’m excited about this one!

Their Medium article was quite wordy, so I will break it down into easy steps, let’s go👇

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— Lady of Crypto (@LadyofCrypto1) April 26, 2023

Lady of Crypto mentioned three straightforward items that are mandatory for the airdrop. These include a Coti Viper wallet, some COTI or stablecoins to stake, and a MetaMask wallet.

The cryptocurrency trader also broke down how it works. She stated that once a Viper wallet is ready and some COTI for staking is available, users have to go to the Treasury.Coti website. Once visited, users have to connect their MM wallet and choose the ERC20 campaign. This step determines how much COTI, or stablecoins, users want to deposit and stake.

Lady of Crypto talks about the risk, stating,

There’s always a risk in locking up crypto but COTI has been around since 2019 and since you can lock up stable, price fluctuations aren’t a concern, so I am not too worried.

As a reward, users will get gCOTI, which is their new governance token. Additionally, the token boosts the staking API. She mentioned that the longer the staking period, the more gCOTI they will receive. 180 is the least-staking period. If the users opt for 270 days, they get 2x more, and for 360 days, they get 4x more rewards.

Lady of Crypto mentioned that their last airdrop was worth tens of millions, showing her excitement about the next one.