India Leading Exchange Announces 150M Shiba Inu Giveaway


The exchange plans to give away 150 million Shiba Inu tokens to 100 winners.

India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange SunCrypto has taken to Twitter to announce a 150 million Shiba Inu giveaway.

SunCrypto’s Mega 150 Million #SHIBA Inu Token Giveaway Is Now Live!!!!!! Feel free to participate in the giveaway by clicking on the link Hurry Up Now.

— SunCrypto: India’s leading crypto exchange (@suncryptoin) May 4, 2023

The exchange noted that it would distribute the 150 million SHIB tokens to 100 lucky winners. Following the announcement, each winner will receive a total of 1.5 million Shiba Inu tokens.

How to Participate

Interested participants are required to complete six social media tasks on the giveaway page in order to stand a chance of being included among the winners. The first step requires users to log in to one out of the following, Email, Facebook, Google Account, Twitter, or YouTube.

Once completed, the participant can proceed with the other tasks, which involve following SunCrypto’s official Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, visiting the exchange’s YouTube and Instagram accounts, and Joining the exchange’s official Telegram channel.

Upon completing each task, users are given points ranging from two to five points. Users get to receive the highest point of five when they follow the exchange on LinkedIn.

Other Details of the Giveaway

Notably, the giveaway event, which started on May 3, 2023, is scheduled to end on May 31, 2022. SunCrypto did not indicate how winners of the giveaway will receive their prizes.

It remains to be seen whether SunCrypto will require winners of the giveaway to create an account on the exchange before receiving the tokens.

However, the exchange is expected to disclose the distribution process in the coming weeks. At press time, 7,483 entries have been recorded, with 27 days left for the event to round off.

The exchange did not disclose the rationale behind the giveaway. This type of giveaway is mostly announced when a coin or token is listed newly on a trading platform.

For instance, during the listing of Shiba Inu on Japan-based crypto exchange BitFlyer in March, the exchange announced a giveaway to commemorate the development.

Meanwhile, the announcement comes a day after Shiba Inu ranked as the most popular meme coin in India and the United States. The canine-themed cryptocurrency beat other top meme coins like BabyDoge to top the rankings.