MAYC #8530 Stolen by Phishing Account, Sold for 10.7 Blur Pool


PeckShield blockchain security and data analytics company has alerted of the stolen Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) #8530 non-fungible token (NFT) by the phishing account Fake_Phishing 178866, as identified by Etherscan.

#PeckShieldAlert #Phishing #NFT #MutantApeYachtClub #8530 has been stolen by Fake_Phishing178866
The last sale was 7.45 ETH ($14,195.30) ~528 days ago.

— PeckShieldAlert (@PeckShieldAlert) April 30, 2023

Reportedly, the MAYC #8530 NFT was unsold for about 528 days before the theft. The last transaction before the theft was for 7.45 ETH, equivalent to $14.195.30. Shortly after PeckShield’s alert, the MAYC #8530 sold for 10.7 Blur Pool.

Apart from PeckShield’s alert, there is little or no other report about the theft at the time of writing, at least on Twitter. Not even a response from the original owner or anyone else concerned about the stolen NFT.

MAYC #8530 was stolen by a wallet flagged by Etherscan after Ancilia, Inc., a blockchain security company that works to prevent hacks and reduce losses for Web3 businesses reported it for involvement in suspicious transactions.

Data from Etherscan shows the wallet behind the theft, Fake_Phishing 178866, has carried out 255 transactions on the Ethereum network in the last 12 days, with the latest being the MAYC #8530 sale in the Blur marketplace.

Blur is an NFT marketplace that focuses on user privacy and allows users to sell NFTs anonymously. Traders on the Blur marketplace do not share personal information on the platform. The marketplace uses a privacy-focused blockchain network that does not reveal transaction details to the public.