New Xumm Partnership Allows Users To Buy & Sell XRP With 40+ Fiat Currencies


The partnership with Guardarian gives Xumm users more options to pick from when buying XRP with their fiat or selling XRP for fiat.

Xumm, a leading self-custodial XRP Ledger (XRPL) wallet, has partnered with Guardarian, a non-custodial fiat on/off-ramp provider, to allow users seamlessly buy XRP with 40 fiat currencies and also easily sell their crypto assets for fiat without leaving the Xumm app.

The partnership was announced today by Xumm in an official press release and further called to attention through its Twitter handle.

🎉 New on/off-ramp! @guardarian_com now supports Xumm users globally with 40+ currencies. Experience smooth & secure transactions directly in your Xumm wallet. Check if your local currency 🌐 is available and try the latest xApp.

— Xumm Wallet (@XummWallet) May 3, 2023

As a fiat-to-crypto gateway, Guardarian supports up to 40 fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, TRY, ZAR, KRW, INR, AUD, and numerous others.

The integration with Guardarian allows Xumm users to purchase XRP without worrying about the security of their assets outside of the ecosystem, as they can make these purchases without leaving the Xumm app. It also allows them to sell XRP for fiat and deposit it directly to their local bank account.

A quick look into the Xumm app shows that Guardarian has already been integrated as a xApp at the time of reporting. The gateway charges a flat fee of $2.2 or it’s equivalent in any currency regardless of the amount of XRP the customer wishes to buy or sell. While users can purchase XRP with numerous fiat currencies, they can only sell XRP for EUR and GBP.

To buy XRP with Guardarian on Xumm, users can carry out the following steps:

  • Open your Xumm wallet.
  • Head to the “Buy/Sell XRP” option.
  • Select the Guardarian xApp as your desired provider.
  • Enter the fiat equivalent of the amount of XRP you wish to buy.
  • Confirm the quote by clicking on “Buy.”
  • You’ll be directed to the Guardarian checkout point, which allows you to pay with your Visa/Mastercard or Google Pay account.

Xumm Continues to Extend XRP On/Off-Ramp Options

Guardarian joins the three other external fiat-to-crypto providers already integrated into Xumm in addition to Xumm’s native fiat on/off-ramp for its Pro users. However, Guardarian is the first gateway to allow an on-ramp and off-ramp solution across several continents.

Notably, Stably only supports users in the United States. While Banxa supports several countries in different continents, it does not allow users to sell XRP for fiat. BTC Direct allows for buying and selling of XRP, but it only supports the European Union. Guardarian is the first external all-encompassing fiat on/off-ramp.

The integration with Guardarian comes one month after Xumm partnered with Stably to provide a seamless on/off-ramp solution for its US-based users, as reported by The Crypto Basic last month. Xumm also extended its native on/off-ramp service to UK users earlier this year.