NFT Inspect Announces New Strategic Hirings,  Investment Boost from Ghost Foundation


  • NFT Inspect has announced two new members of its Community Council.
  • The Web3 social intelligence platform is well positioned to grow its 100k plus global community with new hirings and strategic investments.

A thriving Web3 social intelligence platform NFT Inspect continues to build next-generation infrastructure to help users connect with their favorite NFT community and analyze communication growth. In a recent development, NFT Inspect has secured strategic funding from Ghost Foundation, the investment and management arm of Ghost Kid DAO. With the Ghost Kid DAO added to the NFT Inspect portfolio, the project is poised to benefit from that flourishing ecosystem.

“Today marks a major milestone for Inspect, as several industry leaders join us to pursue our mission. The investment from Ghost Foundation, along with other leading investors, will unlock the unlimited potential of Inspect and other products/services to pave the way for mass adoption of crypto,” NFT Inspect President Oliver Cohen said in a statement.

Having successfully secured crucial funding amid the cryptocurrency winter, NFT Inspect went ahead to search for the best Web3 enthusiasts to join its Community Council members ranks. The first notable hiring is a social media influencer called Elena, (Twitter: @ElenaaETH). Notably, Elena brings a vibrant community to the NFT Inspect protocol.

“Elena has extensive knowledge of analyzing communities and projects, making her a perfect fit to further improve NFT Inspect’s tools and cement the service as an essential resource for the entire Web3 ecosystem,” the company stated.

The other hire by NFT Inspect is a well-known Twitter influencer @waleswoosh who has more than 42k followers. Wale. Swoosh brings Web3 expertise and research experience to the industry. Together, the new hires will help NFT Inspect educate its more than 100k global community.

NFT Inspect and the Market Outlook

NFT Inspect provides crucial data for researchers and also investors in need of deep comparison data. NFT Inspect users can analyze how strong a community is to understand its project’s future growth prospects.

NFT Inspect users get a short description of each project besides crucial data like floor price, owners, total volume, items, and social media rankings, among others. The data is regularly updated to ensure users make informed decisions on each NFT project.

NFT enthusiasts do not have to search all over the Internet for upcoming and recent digital asset mints. NFT Inspect offers a feature with a filter tab to access all the upcoming projects in various blockchains. Notably, NFT Inspect provides crucial data and information for the upcoming and recent projects including the team developers, social media links, specific dates, and a short description. With such information, the upcoming projects have a dedicated channel to reach a wider audience and at the same time offer users investment opportunities.

Currently, the NFT Inspect offers its users an engagement platform to vote for their favorite NFT personalities. The project recognizes the top-rated NFT personalities for their contribution to the industry’s growth.

As the NFT market morphs through the GameFi and metaverse industry, NFT Inspect is keen to keep innovating new features to keep users engaged and informed. Moreover, the project offers its users a chance to decide its future roadmap by allowing them to submit errors and omissions. As a result, NFT Inspect is assured of developing tools that are helpful and engaging to the community now and in the future.