North Korean Missile Program Was Funded By Stolen Crypto


  • For the Missile program, North Korea has been using cyber thefts.
  • White House reported that the half of funds had been recorded.

On Tuesday, a White House representative in Washington said that the cyberattacks and money theft over cryptos have been funding the North Korean Missle program. Undoubtedly, over 50% of the program is been funded so far. Meanwhile, the White House is the place where the US President and their belongings reside safeguarding the country with the responsible works.

Anne Neuberger, the Deputy National Security Adviser for the cyber and developing technologies observed that North Korea is extremely creative over the United States Fed. Anne also added the intelligence agency services depicting the fraudulent operatives with the Biden administration.

North Korean Regime

Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear weapons program lately brought international concerns. Moreover, the North Korean regime is funded by the fines collected for money laundering from the United States Department of Justice (U.S. DOJ). Whereas, this followed the comment by Anne in the public event:

“use cyber to gain, we estimate, up to a third of their funds to fund their missile program.”

Moreover, the new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) got tested last month which allowed the nuclear strikes launch leading to the missile program. This has been fueling the weapon developments through the key source of the North Korean regime. This is happening through stealing billions using hackers as per the reports. Furthermore, these activities are governed by the White House officials including President Joe Biden.

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