PEPE Mindblows Reaching All-Time High (ATH)


  • PEPE reached its all-time high (ATH) at $0.0000004565.
  • Meanwhile, MUSK also gaining momentum considerably.

Earlier today, PEPE coin prices started blowing to the sky more than ever before, remarking an all-time high (ATH) in the crypto market. Meanwhile, the Lookonchain reported that 100 billion PEPE are exchanged for 21 Ethereum (ETH) worth $40,068.88 in the current market price.

This guy sells $PEPE every time the price of $PEPE increases.

He sold 100B $PEPE for 21 $ETH($40K) at $0.0000004007 just now.

So far, he has sold 800B $PEPE (14% of all $PEPE) and got 117 $ETH ($221.5K), with an average selling price of $0.0000002744.

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) April 29, 2023

It is noted that the seller has exchanged around 800 billion tokens which are approximately 14% of the total PEPE tokens in the market. Meanwhile, the seller received 117 ETH worth $221,500 with an average selling price of $0.0000002744. As per Etherscan, it is reported that the same seller spent 0.125 ETH worth $251 and bought a huge amount of tokens accounting for 5.9 trillion in count recently. This huge accounting costs $1.14M to the current price.

PEPE Reaching The Sky!

PEPE, a frog-themed memecoin which is a cryptocurrency launched on Ethereum in early 2023. This cryptocurrency has gained popularity in the meantime grabbing attention among investors once launched thereby creating existence like other memecoins.

As per CoinMarketCap, PEPE is extremely huge with an all-time high (ATH). The current price of PEPE values to $0.0000004565 at a 38.01% increase in price change in the last 24 hrs. Meanwhile, the trading volume is $69,459,173 an increase of 81.12% over a circulating supply of its maximum.

This, in turn, creates hype among other trending coins namely MUSK and DINO in the industry. The coin MUSK has reached a peak of $0.001 terming its all-time high (ATH).