US Responds to Massive BRICS Expansion Effort As Nations Push to Launch Global Currency, Ditch Dollar


The US State Department is responding to reports that the group of economically-aligned nations known as BRICS is preparing for a major expansion.

The group, which plans to launch a global currency to compete with the US dollar, has drawn interest from more than a dozen countries that want to join in.

The list of potential newcomers includes several nations across Africa, and State Department officials tell Fox News that current US policy will not interfere with African or other nations looking to join in.

“We lead with an affirmative agenda for Africa, demonstrating the benefits of our governance and economic models.

US policy does not ask our partners to choose between the United States and other countries.”

State Department officials say the agency’s intent with international partners is focused on boosting democratic governance, human rights and economic opportunity, as opposed to controlling economic alliances.

The list of members that reportedly want to join BRICS includes Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Bahrain, Algeria, Argentina and Indonesia, as well as three additional undisclosed nations in Africa.

Foreign ministers representing the five current BRICS members will meet in June to discuss expansion efforts and the group’s push to create a new currency that will likely be pegged to gold and potentially additional assets.

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