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Fallout 4 DLC – List of Essential DLC for True Fans of Fallout 4

DLC expansions are not new to anyone. In fact, in the last year, people who adore it have seen astounding updates in the game. Not to mention, these variations have received mixed reviews. However, there are a few games worth owning. Fallout 4 DLC is quite common among people. Plus, some of them often look for information so they can try something new.

If you are the one, you may find several Fallout 4 DLC modes online. Some of them have great quality so it can improve your experience each time. Moreover, these versions might not match to the actual story. But, if you are looking to grow your settlement and wardrobe, they are pretty decent. On the other hand, we have compiled the best Fallout 4 DLC so you can choose one for you.

Some of the DLC versions in the list are essentials. Plus, you must own them if you are a true fan of the series. They share a chunk of the story; just the right amount to keep you engaged. These games will restore your love for the Fallout 4 DLC all over again. And, you will begin to enjoy it ever than before.

Fallout 4 DLC

Far Harbor

One of the best Fallout 4 DLC, Far Harbor has an interesting story that may leave wanting for more. Once you start playing it, you will it difficult to resist. The tough yet spellbinding part is to resolve the great conflict in the game. Most of the fans have developed bizarre obsession when dealing this conflict between Acadia, Far Harbor and children of the Atom.

These children also serve for the DLC as a crux. Through the game, it is fun to decide Whether it is better to nuke the Atom children or it is right to follow DiMa’s plan. This situation is thrilling and engrossing at the same time. You might spend days finding the right solution for it. You need to find a way to solve the Far Harbor problems. Also, you might appeal to complete automatron quest or to build a settlement.

Most importantly, Far Harbor has everything that provides a glimpse of Fallout 4. Or, it has details about Fallout 4 that you may want to know. This sci-fiction story is brilliant and is based on the background of one of the main characters. This is why you might as well get a chance to make several choices.

Many fans take a long time to decide to make peace between the three factions of DLC. Although Far Harbor is filled with scenarios like these, Fallout 4 does not have action-packed scenes. So, you are sure to enjoy Far Harbor. Take note that Far Harbor has a new, interesting, and foggy area that you may want to explore. Plus, it has jaw-dropping sidequest along with fantastic weapons that may appeal to you. You will find Far Harbor best Bethesda DLC too.


If you like to build things from scratch, you will love automatron. Not to mention, it is one of the best Fallout 4 DLC. Fans love this DLC and there are many reasons to do so. It seems a real delight. This is because Automatron lets you build customized robots. Moreover, a robot – named – Ada greets you when you start it.

The robot tells you about the beginning of the Mechanist. This is a mysterious robot that might turn into a threat to the commonwealth. Also, the quests are sturdy and heavy so that they can survive. They are kept like this for mind-blowing dialogue and thrilling ending. You can see the Mechanist which is why this journey is worthy.

As mentioned above, the best part that is associated with Automatron is building customized robots. You can make your own robot arsenal using both Cogsworth and Ada. You can even turn them into Killbots loaded with Armored Core. Not only this, but these robots can have their Gatling lasers, missiles, or miniguns. This is true that building a killbot makes Fallout 4 popular in a short time.

The Best Workshop Add-ons

Take note that building settlement has made Fallout 4 incredibly interesting. There are numerous Fallout 4 DLC that helps you create a settlement without a hassle. This activity is fun and thrilling at the same time and total worth of your money. On the other hand, you can download several mods as well if you happen to be a PC player or an Xbox enthusiast. For gamers who own PS4, they are supposed to wait a little more to enjoy Fallout 4.

Wasteland Workshop

You will find the first workshop quite robust. This is because it comes with new and unique lighting option, signs, and new decorations. Moreover, you may see fun additions such as trailers and trucks. If you want to build a real castle, you should not miss concrete. This step lets you build bunkers and walls.

People who love to create a little more in the game will be thrilled to know that they can build stadiums. Isn’t it fantastic? You can capture wasteland wildlife and fight it. It may seem a lot of work but it is fun. Plus, if you have build settlement, you will be more than happy to go further.

The Rest

For beginners, the Rest is the best option to start this journey. Although it is neither hardcore nor incredibly interesting, it will prepare you for the next levels. Moreover, if you are someone who needs to be a rider and run the wasteland or if you want to be anti-minutemen, the Rest might appeal to you too.

It has different parks that look neat and cool. If you are willing to take one more Alien Blaster, the weapons will get even better. However, it does not match the level of Automatron or Far Harbor. On the other hand, there is Vault-tech workshop as well where you can establish your vault. This is also a great way to run an experiment on the settlers. You will come across Contraptions Workshop. It more like a utility than vanity. In this case, you can opt for weapons and armor. Not only this, but you will get a chance to build ammo factory and weapons such as Gauss Rifle It’s probably not a bad idea to get some hearing protection. Take note that the ammo factory is already there so you can sell excess if you want to boot. It is essential and interesting as compared to the wasteland workshop. So, the hardcore fans are sure to make the most of it.

Bottom Line

Fallout 4 DLC has numerous fans. If you are looking for interesting ones, the aforementioned options appeal to you and encourage you to spend more time in exploring them.

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