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How to Find Guest Post Sites – All You Need Guest Post Site List in 2020

Guest Post Sites

    What is Guest Posting?

    Guest blogging or guest posting, call it whatever you want to – is a brilliant strategy to market your brand. It is a marketing and promotional strategy used by businesses nowadays. The main gist of Guest posting is to post your blogs and articles on someone else’s website or page as a guest which would ultimately increase your own brand equity and would help a brand increase awareness. 

    Guest posting has its own benefits which includes backlinks. Backlinks refer to hyperlinks which lead the viewer back to your desired website or platform. They can either hand you over the link as the credits of the guest post you wrote or in the bio of the author. It is an amazing way to build links for your brand. Another benefit of guest posting includes the fact that it is great to increase brand awareness and through the collaboration with well-reputed brands, people might even try your brand, which would increase brand image and would create a positive brand perception in the minds of the customers and the potential customers. 

    What to Think About Before You Start Guest Posting.

    1. Purpose for Guest Posting.

    Before you start guest blogging, you should know why you’re doing that. Your goals and objectives should be defined prior-hand. Some of the basic reasons for guest posting are;

    1. To build links. 
    2. To build an authority. 
    3. To generate traffic on your website.
    4. To develop email list. 

    Criteria for Picking up A Guest Posting Website. 

    When entrepreneurs enter the new game of the market, they just decide to create content and put it up everywhere. When you finally decide your objectives of why you want to try guest posting, the next step is to set up a criteria. Some of the newly market enterers waste their time, money and energy on the wrong channel. 

    One needs to understand that if they want to try guest posting, they need to carefully decide where they want to invest their time and money. The websites that you guest post on, should be relevant to your own brand/business. Choose your target audience and start guest posting on the websites which has more or less the same target audience as you do. 

    How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities. 

    There are some common websites which gives the newbies the opportunity to guest post on their websites. All you have to do is to open your Google search engine and use the following keywords. 

    • technology “write for us”
    • technology business “write for us”
    • technology blog “write for us”
    • tech blogs “write for us”
    • business “write for us”
    • “write for us” technology
    • lifestyle “write for us”
    • technology + “write for us”
    • technology “write for us”
    • business technology + “write for us”
    • technology + “write for us” + guest post
    • tech “write for us”
    • technology + “write for us” + guest post
    • tech tips write for us
    • tech blog “write for us”
    • “write for us” + tech blog
    • “write for us” tech blog
    • business + “write for us”
    • home + “write for us”
    • technology blog write for us
    • lifestyle + “write for us”
    • tech news write for us
    • tech + “write for us”
    • finance + “write for us”
    • “submit a guest post”
    • “guest post”
    • “guest post by”
    • “accepting guest posts”
    • “contributing writer”
    • Keyword “want to write for”
    • Keyword “This post was written by”
    • Keyword “contributor guidelines”

    Get started on guest posting once you find your perfect opportunities. 

    What to Do After You Find The Website.

    What to Do After You Find The Website.
    Business concept illustration of a businessman being guided by a hand holding a flashlight uncovering arrow sign.

    When you’re done finding the perfect website to try guest posting on, there are a few certain steps which you need to follow if you want to make sure that the guest posting you spent so much time and energy on doesn’t go to waste and is actually effective. 

    Step 1 – Write the Guest Post.

    Write the Guest Post

    Make sure to write an exquisite guest post which would truly affect the reader wanting to know more about the author and the website. There are a few tips that one can use to write a mind-blowing guest post;

    • Be unique.
    • Talk only about what you really know. 
    • Generate high quality content.
    • Create value for the readers.
    • Keep it relatable.
    • No misleading information.
    • Keep a specific keyword.

    Step 2 – Contact the Blog Owner.

    If you don’t already know the blog owner, find them and contact them. Ask the blog owner if you can put up your guest post on their website. Write a persuasive email to them asking them to permit you to guest post on their website. Keep it short and convincing. 

    At the end make sure to put in your formal signature which includes, your name, your email address, blog address, Facebook ID and your Twitter ID. 

    Step 3 – Capture Traffic after Your Guest Post. 

    Get ready to be busy. You would possibly have a lot of visitors after they read your amazingly unique and persuasive guest post. These people might visit your profile and possibly subscribe to you. Make sure to keep something interesting and eye catching on your own website to make sure they really hit the subscribe button. 

    Capture the interest and attention of your potential customers and convert them into customers. Write a good round-up to impress the new visitors, something with good value and high quality content which would make them visit your website again and again. 

    Step 4 – Make Sure to Promote Your Guest Post. 

    As soon as you get your blog published as a guest post, start promoting it. Don’t wait for the actual website owner to tell you to promote the blog. There are a lot of ways to promote a blog like a guest post which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. This way more and more readers will read your guest post which would increase publicity for the website along with publicity of the author of the guest post. 

    Step 5 – Reply to Comments. 

    Make sure to communicate to the readers. If they comment. Make sure to make your customers feel acknowledged and known. Keep replying to your customers to generate customer interaction which would ultimately lead to customer satisfaction and customer retention. 

    How Many Times You Should Guest Post.

    There is no specific number on how many times you should guest post. When you find the right opportunity and a relevant website which permits you to guest post, you should take the opportunity. Guest posts are very useful for small and new ventures to help them gain the positive publicity that they need in order to create brand equity and awareness about their brand in the respective target audience.

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