Wednesday, August 4, 2021

How To Unpack Quickly After Moving In A New Home?


Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to moving to a new home. Some people find packing tiresome but unpacking fills them with great energy and opportunity. 


On the other hand, some people like the anticipation that comes along with packing, but hate the tedious work of unpacking the stuff after the moving company in Perth dumped your boxes and furniture in the new house.

In both situations, following these tips will make your moving process straight and smooth.

Packing Is The First Step Of Unpacking

Make sure you put items in their designated box and each box contains items from one room only. It will make the moving process easy for you and your removals company in Perth.

Items from different rooms in a box will make it longer for you to unpack. Always sort your items and try to work out what goes where.

Unpack With A System

Make sure you have a copy of the inventory list before jumping in and randomly opening boxes. The inventory list helps you keep track of your belongings before you move. 

The ideal packing should involve boxing up the stuff according to the room to its usage. It can go in either way. Always examine box labels of taka peer inside before you start emptying them.

Start With The Necessities

Always unpack the essentials boxes first. It should be placed last in the truck or on the top of your stuff. You can bring the essentials box with you in the car so that it won’t mix with the other boxes. 

Designate a box or two for the essentials and put a different label or cover it with bright color paper.

It will save you plenty of time as you’ll need essential items to keep your home running in the short term. 


These Essentials Will Normally Include

Hygiene Items –  Trash bags, rags, paper towels, all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, toilet paper, hand soap, etc.

Some Basic Tools – All-purpose cutting knife, a portable tool kit, a bottle opener, scissors, a flashlight, etc.

Plastic Utensils- Plates, glass, spoon, bowls, etc.

Eatables – Snacks, drinks, fruits, coffee, tea, milk, etc.

An Emergency Kit – Medications, first aid box, etc.

Toiletries – Toothbrush, toothpaste, blades, razor, shaving lubricant, shampoo, deodorant, viscose towel, etc.

Important Documents – Insurance, papers of the new house, and other paperwork containing key addresses and telephone numbers.

Do The Kitchen First

Just after you are done with the essentials, it’s time to set your kitchen first. If you’ve labeled the boxes properly, it is easy to manage what you need in the kitchen. 

It’s always a good idea to first arrange the cabinets and cupboards of the kitchen when you have plenty of time. If you don’t have time to arrange your entire kitchen, you can unpack only the essential kitchen items. 

Put major appliances for the later and focus on the small appliances that you will need urgently such as toaster, coffee maker, etc. After unpacking the rest of your house, you can return to concentrate on the rest of the kitchen.

It’s Time To Set Your Bedrooms 

After the kitchen, unpack the linens for the bedroom ( one at a time in case of two or more bedrooms) and put the beds together. 

To save your unpacking time, set aside a single set of linens for each bed at the time of packing. By this trick, you’ll get your beds ready within no time.


First, decide the placement for your furniture and closet before you unpack boxed items. To make your unpacking more effective and productive, organize the units and cabinets first and save your future work.

Move To The Bathrooms

Nothing makes a house complete and feels like home other than a fully stocked bathroom. Make sure the water supply is on before you move in. 

The bathroom takes the least time to set up. Start by unpacking the most essential items first – toiletries, towels, medications, the shower curtain, body-care products, etc. It is recommended that complete bathroom unpacking must be done on priority.

Deal With Utility Areas Last

Basement, garage, and other utility rooms are always the last on to unpack. Try to organize the garage space before you unpack as most of the garage items aren’t essential. 

Unpack the tool kit and other materials that you will need to keep your home functional.  It includes storage containers, utility shelving units, etc.

Set up the items for the landscape, deck, or patio in the last at your leisure.


Efficient packing is the key to efficient unpacking.  Save your time by proper labeling. Get the essentials item unpacked first, then move to set the rest of the house. Always be prepared with a clear plan of what to avoid and how to proceed. 

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