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How to Use and Download Mega links

Mega links

I found the best MEGA link downloader–GetMega after a series of failed efforts.

MEGA downloaders are very helpful because they enable you to upload MEGA links to IDM or other administrators for access. This can interrupt and irritate you, sometimes, with no resume support, skip the MEGA online download site, so it can quickly be thwarted directly by MEGA downloads.

mega links

Through these MEGA downloaders, you will save stress and frustration and you will get a direct MEGA connection wherever you want to download your MEGA files.

We’ll discuss in this post about GetMega and how you can download MEGA links to IDM or other download managers of your choice with their services.

GetMega is a MEGA download link that allows you to download MEGA connections with high-speed resume support. Now after converting links from GetMega and the best part, you can use Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download MEGA links. They don’t save your files.

What is Mega Link?

mega links

MegaLink is a Philippine-based developer of technology for phone, banking, and bank services, especially automated machines and banking points of sale systems across the world. MegaLink From its inception in 1989 to 2015, it was the first inter-bank network with its participants, a majority of banks in the country to link. In addition, over 2921* automated teller machines were deployed nationwide and over 795,000* of payments were done each day for rework and disconnection scheduled. MegaLink, with 13.1 million cardholders, was the largest interbank network in the Philippines.

Megalink’s History

The MegaLink was established in September 1989 by the Equitable Banking Corporations (now consolidated with Banco de Oro), the Far East bank and trust company (which now belong to BPI), the Philippine National Bank (currently a member of BancNet since the Allied Bank split ended with its product survival in 2013). On 19 March 1990 MegaLink started with 88 ATM’s shared resources, 130,000 cardholders, and 200 transactions a day average. MegaLink is the first alliance of the Philippines to link BancNet and Expressnet.

GetMega Features

You are able to download MEGA with CV support. IDM, FlashGet and many more project managers!

How to Download Mega links?

Indeed! MEGA connections to IDM can be quickly accessed. How?

  • Go to GetMega
  •  Copy the MEGA Password from the MEGA Account Paste URL of your app.
  •  To end IDM upload, click it.
  • Start downloading and resume the fun!

Who Can Use It?

This is for hardcore downloaders who want a solution for any link. If you are not in the torrents, the download of IDM seems to be the best way to download files. Use this service if you are tired of “failed download” when downloading from MEGA. I say it. I recommend it.

Achievements of  Mega Links

  1. The first joint ATM network in the Philippines was established in 1990 by MegaLink.
  2. 1992 As a shared service network model, the founding banks of the Indonesian interbank network ATM Bersama shift to the experience of MegaLink.
  3. The debit bills payment via ATM and POS Terminals were introduced in 1993 by MegaLink. 1993. MegaLink is also given the coveted Asia Intellectual Engineering Marketing Management Award and the only ATM network to earn this award.
  4. 1994 MegaLink introduced the world’s first consortium-based phone banking service, Telephone Banking (Phonelink).
  5. 1995 MegaLink has forged an ATM alliance with BancNet to link VISA PLUS and MasterCard Cirrus to Equitable Bank of International Transactions with their universal partnership. 1995 1995
  6. 1996 MegaLink welcomed more than 300 business participants at the 1st Philippine Digital Banking Conference and Exhibition.
  7. 1997 MegaLink for ATM payments linked to Expressnet.
  8. 1998 MegaLink enabled the members ‘ Automated Recovery and Payment Program as well as the Transaction Request Framework MIS.
  9. 2000 MegaLink migrated successfully to Y2K.
  10. In 2002 MegaLink introduced the Interbank Settlement Exposure Limit Management System (MELMS)
  11. 2003 MegaLink initiated Electronic Settlement with Bangko Sentral in the PhilPass area of the Philippines to become the first non-bank to meet BSP. MegaLink has also developed a portal for disaster recovery.
  12. 2004 Smart Communications Mobile Banking Service was launched. MegaLink Internet Payment Service was launched by Union Bank of the Philippines, PORT, and Interbank Finance Transfer (IBFT).
  13. In the world with iBank as its pilot bank MegaLink, 2005 is the first to introduce the complete ATM Change Outsourcing. Bills Debit Payment is possible through SMART mobile phones.
  14. 2010 MegaLink introduced the Payment system for Cross-Borders (MasterCard and JCB), Internet banking and load completion products. MegaLink for POS transactions connected to BancNet and Expressnet.
  15. 2011 MegaLink in South Korea interconnected for cross-border transactions ATM and POS to the Korean Financial Telecommunications and Clearing Institute (KFTC).
  16. 2012 MegaLink opened its own Internet Payment Gateway system and added a mobile banking product for Telco agnostic. As APN Chairman MegaLink was elected.
  17. In 2013 MegaLink linked with National ITMX in Thailand and re-launched the VISA International Acquiring system for the purposes of cross-border ATM and POS.


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