3 brand new 2010 Tesla Roadsters discovered in shipping containers in China


They almost made it, but not quite.

Three brand new 2010 Tesla Roadsters have been discovered in shipping containers at a port in Quindao, China.

The sports cars were reportedly ordered by a single buyer who never picked them up and have been sitting in storage on the dock ever since.

There are two Sport models in red and orange and an orange Base model.

All are in the same condition they were in when they were arrived, with some of their protective wrapping still in place.

The Roadster was Tesla’s first model, and it built approximately 2,400 between 2008 and 2012, before shifting its focus to mainstream four-door vehicles.

The U.S.-spec cars are still in China, but have been listed for sale by the Gruber Motor Company, a Tesla specialist in Arizona.

Gruber cannot confirm the mileage on the odometers or whether the battery packs are still functional. Unless they are disconnected, Roadster batteries can “brick” if unused for long periods of time. Tesla offers a new pack for purchase to update the originals.

“Due to the bizarre nature of this set of brand new Roadsters and collectible status, this owner is accepting bids at this time only, and is trying to sell them as a set, but would entertain splitting them up,” Gruber said in the listing.

Storage fees have been accrued over the years, which the seller will cover.

The 2010 Roadster had a list prices of $109,000 for Base models and $128,000 for Sport models.

According to the Hagerty valuation guide, surviving examples in top condition are worth around $150,000, but that probably does not account for time capsules like these.

A bid of $200,000 was placed for all three on May 3, but not yet accepted. If a sale does not occur soon in China, the cars are going to be shipped to Gruber for further examination until an acceptable offer is made.