5 things you should watch on Fox Nation this May


Fox Nation fans, hang on for the ride of your lives!

This month, Fox Nation subscribers can follow the quest of a group of bull riders as they compete for a chance to win the ultimate title of Last Cowboy Standing to fast-track their careers as riders in the PBR [Professional Bull Riders].

This ain’t their first rodeo!

In this exclusive new four-part series, ten bull riders will from the grind of the practice pen to their first competition in a professional setting at the iconic Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dreams will either be crushed or made as a team of judges will decide which bull riders will move on to the final stage, where the best two bull riders will face off.

Subscribers can binge the whole series and see who will claim the title of the Last Cowboy Standing this Sunday.

On May 15, Bret Baier returns for another installment of his ‘The Unauthorized History of…’ series, this time exploring the Korean War.

The ‘Special Report’ host investigates the misunderstood history of the Korean War, how the brutal fighting tested U.S. resolve in the fight against communism, and why the Cold War conflict — which was never resolved — remains a central issue for America to this day.

In the five-part series that features insight from scholars, archivists, and military personnel, Baier recounts everything from Truman’s test, to MacArthur’s gambit, to Mao’s counter-attack, to Stalin’s stalemate, to Kim’s dynasty. 

Taking it back a few decades to a different war – and a different location – is the Martha MacCallum-helmed ‘Forgotten Front,’ which explores World War II Italy.

From the shores of Sicily to the heights of the Apennine Mountains, ‘Forgotten Front: Invasion of Italy’ follows the stories of those who experienced the harrowing campaign. Following a major victory in North Africa, the Allies turned their attention to the Mediterranean in 1943 and launched a successful invasion of the island of Sicily, which forced the German troops to retreat. 

The Allied victory provided a staging ground for their next target: mainland Italy, where Allied troops again landed and began to advance inland. 

During this push, the Allies faced fierce resistance; by the end of the year, their progress was stalled by the German Gustav Line.

To circumvent the heavily defended position, the Allies landed troops south of Rome at the town of Anzio. While heavy fighting ensued, the battle eventually resulted in the Germans abandoning their defensive positions along the Gustav Line and the capture of Rome by Allied forces. 

However, the fight for Italy didn’t end there.

Fox Nation subscribers can stream the three-part series on May 22.

This next one is a…blast!

Fox News’ Emily Compagno is on a mission to discover the hidden stories and inner workings of the weapons that shaped America. Fox Nation subscribers can join the ‘Outnumbered’ co-host as she drives, shoots, and blasts her way through history in this five-part series.

From the Sherman Tank, to the Minigun, to the Flintlock Musket, to the Howitzer, to the Flamethrower, join Compagno on May 24 as she moves from a helicopter to the battlefield on this fiery expedition. 

Finally, Fox Nation will tell the many tales of ‘The Final Journey of the Greatest Generation.’

It’s been 80 years since the World War II veterans fought for our country, stopping the Axis Powers who were rampaging across Europe and threatening the entire world. Fox News’ Martha MacCallum returns to the app to sit down with veterans who fought in Italy, on D-Day and all across Europe and North Africa, to chronicle their amazing stories. 

Together, on May 25, they’ll take viewers on one final journey of the sights and sounds witnessed by our greatest generation.