Arizona airport assault: Woman reportedly attacked, injured TSA agents because they took away her apple juice


A woman who assaulted three TSA agents and upended travel for 450 passengers on Tuesday is accused of attacking the security officials after they took her apple juice away at a checkpoint, according to court documents. 

Makiah Coleman, 19, was arrested at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and charged with assault, criminal damage, and offense against public order, according to jail records. 

The “unprovoked and brazen physical attack” began shortly before 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday at Terminal 4’s Checkpoint D. 

“[Coleman] was ranting and raving about the apple juice and walks around the barrier and attempts to grab the bin containing her items being screened from the TSA agent,” an investigator wrote in a probable cause statement obtained by Fox 10 Phoenix. 

The suspect allegedly struck and bit the security officials, leaving three of them with injuries, two of whom were transported to a local hospital for treatment. 

Coleman was arrested at the scene by Phoenix police officers. 

“Unfortunately, this situation not only resulted in three of our TSA officers being injured, but inconvenienced approximately 450 travelers who had to be redirected to a nearby checkpoint for security screening due to the actions of this traveler,” a TSA spokesperson said.