Artificial intelligence quiz! How well do you know AI?

Artificial intelligence quiz! How well do you know AI?

Test your knowledge of artificial intelligence in this Fox News Digital quiz

What is artificial intelligence?

What is L.L.M.?

Who coined the term “artificial intelligence?”

What is the name of Google’s artificial intelligence chatbot?

What is ChatGPT?

What is the simplest form of artificial intelligence?

What was one of the earliest achievements of AI?

Which of these does NOT currently use AI?

What are the four main types of AI?

    What is Midjourney?

    What countries have banned ChatGPT?

    What popular Chinese company is developing chatbot Tongyi Qianwen?

    How many jobs could be impacted by AI?
    What is an example of voice AI?

    What is voice cloning?
    What is NOT an example of reactive machines?What is the leading innovation in technology?Healthcare uses AI in all of these ways EXCEPT:What does RNN stand for?What is AI’s IQ?BERT is an AI language model. What does it stand for?What is Elon Musk’s newly launched AI company called?What is the first step in using ChatGPT if you’re a new user?Does the US government currently leverage AI?Why did Google name its chatbot Bard?Try again!Ouch!You’ve got some work to do!You’re almost a genius!You’re a genius!