Australian Prime Minister angers trans advocates for defining a woman as ‘adult female’: ‘TERF trash fire’


Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese recently defined the term “woman” according to the traditional biological understanding of the concept and LGBTQ advocates on Twitter were livid. 

Albanese, the leader of Australia’s center-left Labor Party who was elected last May, offered the surprisingly simple definition of womanhood in an interview with British journalist, Piers Morgan.

During the interview on TakTV, the host asked the prime minister “What is a woman?” a simple question that’s become controversial since trans activists have convinced politicians and large parts of society into accepting that biological men are women if they identify as such. 

The Prime Minister replied to the question, declaring, “An adult female.” 

Mocking public figures who can’t answer the question straight for the sake of appeasing the trans community, the host cheekily asked, “How difficult was that to answer?”

Albanese replied, “Not too hard.” He then mentioned how he was asked this same question during his campaign for prime minister last year. 

He added, “I respect people for whoever they are, and it’s up to people to be respected and I know that there is some – controversy can come at times like that.”

The prime noted he’s noted a fan of campaigns that try to gin up controversy over topics and questions such as these, pointing to one he claimed to have witnessed in Australia. 

Despite his distaste for controversy on these cultural issues, Albanese’s answer ginned up some among pro-trans leftists on Twitter.

One such Australian user blasted Albanese on the platform, calling him a transphobe and claiming he is using TERF (Trans-exclusionary radical feminist) talking points.

They tweeted, “The Prime Minister of this country is using T$rf dog whistles coined by a fascist. He’s a transphobe. End of.”

Another wrote, “I thought Australia had a good leader…. i guess not.”

User Sean Knight blasted the prime minister, tweeting, “You’re a TERF trash fire @AlboMP.”

One user, who had “TRANtifa” in their bio, advised the Australian Labour Party to get rid of Alabanese, saying, “@AustralianLabor you know, you could oust him now, and still have time to actually do some good.”

Yet another admonished Albanese for not pushing back against what they claimed was “fascist” question. They tweeted, “Imagine being the PM and answering with a phrase coined by fascist transphobes, rather than pushing back… Remember that next time Albo rocks up at #MardiGras along with dancing cops #auspol.”

Questioner Piers Morgan is also the host of “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on the streaming service Fox Nation.