Best ways to keep snoopers out of your computer


There are many ways that the wrong person can go snooping on your computer.  Maybe you forgot to lock your screen before leaving your device unattended so anyone walking by can see. Or maybe you don’t have enough protection on your device so that a malicious hacker can easily get access. 

It takes a matter of seconds for a nosey nearby bad actor to plant malware or simply snoop on an unprotected phone or laptop.  

Let’s go over some important steps to protect your computer from snoopers of any kind.

Lock your screen

The last thing you want is an outside person glancing at your device screen, even if it’s someone you trust. We don’t just hand our phones over to anyone and tell them they can look through our photos and messages, so why wouldn’t you want the same privacy for your computer? Having your screen locked at all times when you’re not using your computer is one of the best ways to keep those wandering eyes from looking at your device.

How to lock your Mac computer

  • Click the in the top left corner
  • Click

How to set your Mac to log out when it’s not in use

  • Click the in the top left corner
  • Click
  • On the left-hand sidebar, click
  • Scroll all the way down and click
  • Toggle on
  • Click

How to lock your Windows computer

There are multiple ways for you to lock your Windows computer. Here are a few options you can do.

  • Hit
  • Press and select 
  • Click the  button, then select and click

How to lock your Windows computer automatically after inactivity

  • Open
  • Go to
  • Select
  • Click
  • Select any option from the
  • for Windows to wait before locking
  • Check the box for
  • Click

Use a webcam cover

Hackers can break into people’s webcams and spy on them without them realizing it. The best way for you to prevent this from happening is to get a cover for your webcam. Have the cover on at all times when your webcam is not in use so that no one can ever snoop on you. 

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Have good antivirus software on all your devices 

Keeping hackers out of your devices can be prevented if you have good antivirus software installed. Having antivirus software on your devices will make sure you are stopped from clicking on any potential malicious links which may install malware on your devices allowing hackers to gain access to your personal information.

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Use a VPN 

Consider using a VPN to protect against hackers snooping on your device as well. VPNs will protect you from those who want to track and identify your potential location and the websites that you visit.  Many sites can read your IP address and, depending on their privacy settings, may display the city from which you are corresponding. A VPN will disguise your IP address to show an alternate location.

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