California hiker dies after suffering medical emergency, falling from waterfall


A hiker in southern California died Friday after falling from a waterfall along a trail, officials said.

Rescue crews responded after the victim fell about 10 feet from a waterfall along the Waterfall Trail in Pine Mountain Club on Woodland Drive, the Kern County Fire Department said.

The 20 rescue personnel hiked half a mile to the waterfall and found the victim about 30 feet above the base of the falls on a rock cropping, fire officials said.

When rescuers reached the fallen hiker, officials said they determined the victim had suffered a fatal medical emergency.

Crews set up an elaborate robe system to safely hoist the victim’s body from the elevated position on the rock cropping to the base of the falls.

The victim was removed from the hiking area and taken to the coroner.

The department did not publicly identify the victim or release details of the fatal medical emergency.

No safety or rescue personnel were injured during the operation, according to officials.