Car crash results in wild dangle over bridge as passenger finds novel way to escape


It’s not something that happens every day.

A car crashed and dangled dangerously over a bridge — as a passenger managed to escape the wreckage by climbing out and dropping into the canal below.

A red Vauxhall Corsa was left hanging after it struck a wall on Langley Road near the city of Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands, England, at 2 a.m. on Saturday morning, British news service SWNS reported.

Dramatic pictures show the hatchback balancing over the edge — with only two wheels touching the ground.

The front of the car was completely crumpled, as SWNS noted and as photos from the scene make clear.

The car managed to completely destroy the bridge’s wall before deploying both airbags and then somehow stopping before falling in.

Police officers had to seal the road off to the public while teams worked to recover the precariously wedged car, SWNS also noted.

Amazingly, both occupants of the car were reportedly fine — though one passenger was forced to dive into the canal below to escape.

Narrow boat owner Stephanie Hardman was surprised to see the vehicle dangling off the bridge when her boat passed under it.

One woman was surprised to see the vehicle dangling off the bridge. 

She said, “They crashed at approximately 2 a.m. Saturday morning.”

She also said, “Both occupants were fine, but the passenger opened the door and fell into the canal,” SWNS reported of her comments.

“That’s what the police officer on the scene that I spoke to said,” Hardman also said.

“When I stepped out of the back of the boat I saw it and then walked closer to have a look,” she said further, as SWNS noted.