Celebrate National Wine Day: 10 gift ideas for the wine lovers in your life


Pair the perfect night cozied up on the couch with your favorite TV show with a glass of wine for National Wine Day. 

The occasion is the perfect excuse to sip and relax every year on May 25.

Wine, a drink that is made through the crushing of grapes, has become an extremely popular choice of alcoholic beverage across the globe. 

Wine is often brought to dinner parties, birthdays or even a summer barbeque for either immediate enjoyment or as a gift.

If you’re shopping for a wine-loving friend or family member and you’re looking to switch up your gift game, consider one of these ideas instead of just a bottle.

  1. Wine glasses and tumblers
  2. Insulated wine bottle
  3. Wine travel bag
  4. Wine cooler sleeve
  5. Wine/champagne bucket
  6. Wine cooler fridge or rack
  7. Corkscrew wine opener
  8. Outdoor drink covers for wine glasses
  9. Cheese basket
  10. Wine stain remover

1. Wine glasses and tumblers 

Wine glasses and tumblers are a must for wine lovers. The glasses are sold at a variety of price points,  so shop around — you will certainly find something within your budget.

Consider whether the wine lover is a red or white drinker and purchase a set of glasses that best compliments the wine type.

Insulated wine bottles are great for summer parties or any outdoor event. 

You can pour wine into the large bottle to keep it cool all day while you’re out in the hot sun.

3. Wine travel bag 

Another great gift for wine on the go is a wine cooler bag. These bags come in both over the shoulder totes and backpacks for easy carrying.

These are perfect for carrying wine to any occasion and keeping temperatures cooled while enjoying the great outdoors.

A wine cooler sleeve slips right onto a standard bottle of wine and chills the beverage. 

They are fairly inexpensive, and there are a few brands that sell them in packs.


All wine connoisseurs must have a wine bucket in their home. 

They are excellent for entertaining large groups and keeping multiple bottles chilled at once. They come in different sizes. Some fit just one bottle and others fit a number of bottles. 

Fill the bucket with bottles and top with ice for an aesthetically pleasing and practical display of wine.

This gift is pricier than those mention so far. However, if your budget has some wiggle room, this is a great gift to consider for storing wine.

A less expensive version of a wine cooler is a wine rack. They are available at a slew of home stores and provide a sense of organization and tidiness to a corner filled with bottles of wine.

Corkscrew wine openers are inexpensive and, of course, very necessary for getting a bottle open to enjoy. 

If you want to splurge, electric wine openers are also available for purchase.

National Wine Day occurs during the springtime, and warm months are upon us. Wine consumption is bound to happen outdoors. 

Outdoor drink covers are placed atop wine glasses to keep wine safe from bugs and yard debris. 


Wine and cheese are the perfect pairing. Put together a basket or a Charcuterie board with an assortment of cheese to gift the wine lover in your life. 

Include crackers, breads and a selection of meats to truly gift something special. Don’t forget the bottle of wine in the basket.


Wine and coffee are two of the toughest stains to get out of clothing. 

Gift a pack of wine specific stain removers to someone who drinks a lot of the beverage, as spills are bound to happen.