Coronation fit for a canine: Pampered pooch gets a private London tour in a carriage


A pampered pup that reportedly has more than 50 outfits has been taken on a private London tour to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation.

Yasmin El-Saie, 44, received Chilli the Chihuahua in 2012 as a wedding gift from her ex-husband, news service SWNS reported.

El-Saie and the little dog “have been inseparable since.”

Along with his new sibling, Sukhi, aged four, Chilli has outfits to coordinate with the dogs “fashion-loving mum,” said SWNS. 

Recently, Chilli and El-Saie took to the streets of London and visited major sites, starting with Buckingham Palace.

The duo reportedly were quite the spectacle as Chilli traveled in a “royal carriage” to visit Big Ben, London Eye and Horse Guards Parade.

El-Saie developed a true bond with Chili after she “recognized his soul,” she told SWNS.

“When I first met Chilli, he made a beeline for me and put his little paws on my knees. He looked up at me and I knew we were meant to be,” the content creator from West London added.

“It was like I recognized his soul, there was something about him and his energy, the way he was [that] I understood — I spoke to him,” she continued.

“Chilli is a very anxious, reactive dog.”

Yasmin started sharing Chilli’s life on Facebook, where he immediately became a hit, gaining over 10,000 followers.

During the pandemic, El-Saie adopted Sukhi from a rescue center as a buddy for Chilli, said SWNS.

“Chilli is a very anxious, reactive dog,” noted El-Saie. “I had no idea that dogs could have mental health issues, too.”

She added, “I had to start understanding what he is experiencing and what I am doing wrong,” noting that while she wanted a canine friend for Chilli, the new addition would have to have “the opposite temperament to him.”

She also said, “I was looking for a girl with sweet, loving and caring energy.”

As for adding Sukhi to the family, she said, “She has turned out to be a massive blessing.” She said the dogs have a special bond.

For his London tour, Chilli made his way around all the major landmarks “in a royal carriage fit for a king,” said SWNS.

“It turned into a proper ‘pupparazzi’ affair,” said El-Saie. “Everyone started to get involved, fascinated by this little handsome dog and his golden carriage.”

She added, “Being a Londoner, we sometimes forget the amazing spots [in] our great city, and the royal heritage present here.”

Of the two pups’ wardrobe and accessories, the proud owner said, “On average, I spend a lot of money on them.”

She also said, “I don’t know the figure but I know it is a lot. I don’t have kids, so for me, they are like my children. I am their guardian. They go their whole lives and only know us – we are their everything.”

Calling it a “special and privileged experience to take care of a dog and serve them,” she added, “Nobody greets you the way a dog does when you get home.”