Cow that ran wild in Chicago suburb after senior prank ‘went awry’ gets new name through Facebook contest


The cow that wondered through Chicago-area streets after a high school senior prank fell flat has been given a new name.

The Hooved Animal Humane Society (HAHS) in Woodstock, Illinois, took the steer into custody following the animal’s capture by law enforcement, according a press release issued by the Niles Police Department.

“HAHS is happy to share that we provided a safe landing spot for the cow that was found running at large in the Niles area,” the humane society shared on its public Facebook.

“She is settling in nicely and enjoying a lush green pasture. We are grateful that the generosity of our supporters made this moment a reality for her.”


The animal care team asked its followers for help naming the cow and to drop name suggestions in the comments section.

After receiving hundreds of submissions, the winning name was drawn on May 8 — Blossom.

“Which we think is so fitting since she is truly blossoming before our eyes every day,” HAHS shared online.

Fox News Digital reached out to the Hooved Animal Humane Society for comment.

Last Thursday, Blossom escaped custody of some Northridge Preparatory School students after they used the brown bovine as a part of their senior prank, Fox News Digital reported at the time.

An investigation had later revealed the cow, along with the other farm animals involved in the incident, had been purchased on Craiglist.

No criminal charges are being pursued, but the school administration is currently undergoing an internal investigation regarding those involved.

“This morning a prank went awry when a group of our seniors lost control of a cow they intended to put in a corral they built in front of the school. Unfortunately, the animal escaped, resulting in the cow roaming the community,” the school shared following the incident.


“The senior class is in the process of contacting the police department, city officials and local residents to apologize for this incident,” school officials added.

Fox News Digital’s Julia Musto contributed to this report.