Delaware man charged with drunk driving had 8 previous DUI convictions: police


A Delaware man was arrested for alleged drunk driving on Saturday – after racking up eight previous DUI convictions.

Cheswold resident Christopher Harris, 44, was charged with a DUI and numerous traffic offenses Saturday afternoon. He was stopped by Delaware State Police at around 4:16 p.m. after the officer saw Harris’ vehicle swerve on the road.

Harris’ silver Dodge Ram was crossing lanes multiple times without using turn signals, according to authorities. 

When the trooper stopped Harris in Dover and approached his vehicle, Harris’s breath allegedly smelled like alcohol.

“The trooper smelled alcohol coming from Harris’ breath, observed signs of impairment, and saw open alcoholic drinks in the truck,” the Delaware State Police said in a statement. 

Harris was taken into custody. When officers were conducting checks on the suspect, they found out that he was convicted of DUIs eight previous times.

Computer checks also found that Harris’s driver’s license was suspended.

The suspect is currently being held at Sussex Correctional Institution on $21,007 cash bond.

Delaware State Police is actively investigating the situation.