Divorced best friends announce that when dating men, they ‘come as a package’ deal


Two best friends who live together — both divorced — say that any prospective men they date need to be aware that the two women “come as a package” deal. 

Best friends Marissa Baker, 31, and Patty Kulak, 28, moved in together after splitting from their partners in 2021, SWNS reported.

The pair have said they’re “platonic soulmates.” 


They also claim they’re often mistaken for a couple — with people constantly asking if they’re in a relationship with each other because they get along so well, as SWNS also noted.

The friends moved in together in Naples, Florida, in May 2021. They say they go on “friendship dates,” work out together and do household chores together.

Now, they’ve decided to help each other get back into the dating scene — and they run everything past each other.

Baker told SWNS in an interview that they’re “like wives” — and that they tell potential dates that they “come as a package.”

Kulak, who works in local government planning, told SWNS, “Dating is so interesting.”

“Every decision I make involving a man that I am dating, I will be running by her first.”

She said that, since the women “are always together,” prospective male dates begin to realize “that this is not just a roommate situation.”

Added Kulak of Baker, “She is not just my best friend … Every decision I make involving a man that I am dating, I will be running by her first.”

She also said, “When there are men involved, they like to know what this relationship is because they don’t understand it.”

She said it’s more than just having a best friend. It’s about “a partnership here.”

The two women told SWNS that they met on Jan. 1, 2021, at Baker’s birthday party. Between January of that year and May 2021, both women separated from their significant others, they said. 

That spring, the women decided to share an apartment together. 

Baker said she and her best friend have the “freedom to be ourselves,” as SWNS reported.

They are both into “positivity and personal development.”

She added, “We have fun together, we laugh together, I can be weird. I am messy at times — there is nobody judging me or criticizing me.”

She also said that as they navigate the dating field now, they understand that their extremely close friendship is “very unconventional.”

The women told SWNS that they each explain to any dates, “Hey, we are a package deal.” 

The pair revealed that what works so well for them is that they are both into “positivity and personal development,” SWNS reported.

“There is no judgment. You show up as you are.”

Kulak said, “I love that when I come home, this is my safe space … When I turn onto my street [now], I am like, ‘Oh, my gosh,’ I want to speed home and tell Marissa about my day because I get to be this authentic version of myself.”


She added, “There is no judgment. You show up as you are and you are heard in this space, even when you’re angry.”

She also noted, “I get to voice that frustration. We address whatever needs to be addressed and move on … She is my partner and she wants me to be happy.”

Baker, for her part, said, “Environment makes a difference, and who you show up as is different, depending on that environment.”

Baker also said that when she was married, she was “drinking every night, binge-eating, overworking and distracting” herself.

Now, she said, “I don’t overwork. I have really great boundaries. We do self-care. We put time into things we are passionate about.”