Ford’s new navigation system leads drivers off the road … on purpose


The Ford Bronco was built for off-roading, and now there is a new way to help you do that with it.

Ford is launching a new Bronco Trail App that includes directions to over 18,000 miles of off-pavement trails in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The app works on Apple and Android smartphones and displays the maps through the Bronco’s infotainment system display.

The 1,200 different trails have been professionally curated, and the app provides details including their length and difficulty.

Points of interest are marked along the way, and users can drop their own pins for future reference.

The maps can be downloaded, so they still work if the cellular connection is lost.

If the phone is secured in a mount, several of which are compatible with attachment points that are built into the top of the Bronco’s dashboard, the camera can be used to record video that is synced to the app and overlaid with information including engine speed, elevation and the degrees of pitch and roll as the vehicle drives along.

The video can then be shared with other users and via social media.

The app is free and linked to a FordPass account, and it will be updated with additional features.

It is the latest salvo in the escalating Ford Bronco v Jeep Wrangler battle.

The updated 2024 Wrangler is offering the similar Trails Offroad app that covers a selection of trails and has a library of built-in trail guide videos.