Four-year-old toddler climbs 52-foot-high walls, her mom says she just ‘goes for it’


A four-year-old girl has been climbing walls since she was just 11 months old — and is now able to climb 52 feet in the air. 

Isla Murr, a four-year-old from Sydney, Australia, has been climbing up and over things since she was just 11 months old. 

Her mother, Lucy Murr, told news agency SWNS that she began taking the toddler to playgrounds at a young age. 

She said her little girl has been climbing things since she could first walk. 

The mom started taking her daughter to playgrounds for older children, Murr said.

She added, “I’d say she’s climbed all the highest playgrounds they have in Sydney.”

After her daughter became bored with the playground scene, Murr began showing her daughter rock-climbing videos to see if that was something she would take an interest in. 

“She’d see videos of rock-climbing and say, ‘I wanna do that, Mom. Can I do that?’” said Murr.

For safety reasons, no rock-climbing facility would take the child at such a young age — until she turned four, said Murr.

“They wouldn’t let her in because she was too young, which I understand, but I knew she could do it,” the mom told SWNS. 

The child would often say she looked forward to turning four just so she could go rock-climbing, her mom noted.

Upon turning four, the little girl was climbing all the walls in the rock-climbing facility — including one that stands 52-feet high. 

“We told her that she didn’t have to go that high, but she just kept climbing,” the mom said. 

Isla Murr’s dad, 34-year-old Brendon Murr, said he was surprised — and nervous — for his daughter as she went up to the top of the wall for the first time. 

“She’d see videos of rock-climbing and say, ‘I wanna do that, Mom. Can I do that?’” 

Lucy Murr said he “was shocked” and “didn’t think she would get that high.”

The child goes climbing a couple of times per month and the family is putting her in Ninja Warrior training when she turns five, SWNS reported.