Hennessey Ford Ranger VelociRaptor 500 is a Toyota Tacoma ‘slayer’


That was quick … and so is the pickup.

Just two weeks after Ford revealed the all-new 2024 Ranger, Hennessey Performance has turned the most powerful Ranger ever into even more of a monster truck.

The Texas-based tuning company, which just delivered one of its $3 million 311 mph Venom F5 supercars to Michael Jordan, has revealed its take on the midsize pickup.

The Velcociraptor 500 is a custom version of the high performance Ranger Raptor model that bumps up the output of its turbocharged V6 from 405 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque to a whopping 500 hp and 550 lb-ft.

A new air induction system, intercooler and reprogrammed engine management system all contribute to the boost.

Hennessey calls it “The Tacoma TRD Pro Slayer” in reference to the also-new Toyota off-road pickup that debuted last week with a hybrid powertrain rated at 326 hp and 465 lb-ft.

Hennessey leaves the Ranger’s unique long travel suspension largely intact, but increases the tire size from 33-inches to 35-inches and wraps them 18-inch wheels of its own design.

A set of hefty, steel bumpers with an integrated bull bar in front, auxiliary lights and Hennessey badging are also included in the package, which is listed for $24,950 on top of the price of the $56,960 Ranger, which goes on sale later this year.

Hennessey already offers the engine in a VelociRaptor 500 version of the Bronco Raptor, which is built on a platform that is similar to the Ranger’s.

“The midsize pickup is incredibly capable and very agile… it’s actually lighter than the Bronco SUV! In addition, our 500-horsepower upgrade will noticeably improve low-end torque, and it’s got a lot more power for those who like to really push their trucks in mud, sand, or on the open road,” Hennessey owner John Hennessey said.