Math brain teaser: Can you help the bear solve this equation?


A graphic artist is testing everyone’s knowledge of the mathematical order of operations with a string of numbers and missing arithmetic symbols.

Gergely Dudás, of Budapest, Hungary, shared the new visual math problem with Fox News Digital, which shows a cartoon bear trying to figure out which of the arithmetic symbols go in between the four digits written on a green chalkboard.

A small bird wearing a red bow tie appears to have presented the problem to the bear in an empty forest.

The four arithmetic symbol options Dudás provided for the fill-in-the-blank math problem include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but only three symbols are needed.

Meanwhile, the four digits written on the chalkboard include 10, 5, 6 and 4.

When combined correctly, the math problem’s total is 8.

Can you solve each math equation?

Hint: You’ll need to revisit your grade school order of operations lesson – parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction (PEMDAS) – to figure out with arithmetic symbol goes in between each number.

Some may find the math problem difficult to solve since no parentheses are included, but the problem is still solvable if you know which direction to work from.

Dudás shared his artsy math problem on his social media accounts on Monday, May 8, and it appears that most were able to solve it on Facebook, according to comments left under his post.


“Took a minute, my math skills of that type are a little rusty,” one Facebook user wrote.

“That was easy … don’t forget the order of operations,” another user wrote.

“Not even trying. Math, using more than one symbol, was not a friend,” one Facebook user admitted in defeat.

Need help to solve the math problem?

See the solution on Dudás’ website:

If you’re not convinced by Dudás solution, a “Using the Order of Operations without Parentheses” resource published by the online learning platform notes that all multiplication and division must be done from left to right followed by addition and subtraction, which should also be worked on from left to right.

Dudás is a comic author and artist who has published multiple illustration books, including “Bear’s Springtime Book of Hidden Things” and “Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things: Christmas Seek-and-Find: A Christmas Holiday Book for Kids.”

His usual seek-and-find artwork has been featured on miniature prints, coffee mugs and various other pieces of merchandise. On occasion, Dudás releases artsy math problems on his website and social media accounts.

Dudás has more than 167,000 dedicated followers on Facebook, more than 49,000 followers on Instagram, more than 8,300 followers on Twitter and hundreds of followers on Pinterest.