Mississippi mother of rare quintuplets reveals first photos of her babies as they ‘reach new milestones’


After the birth of her quintuplets, a mother from Mississippi is now sharing adorable images of her five little ones along with a health update.

Haylee and Shawn Ladner of Purvis, Mississippi, have been visiting their five children in the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s NICU since Haylee Ladner gave birth via cesarean section on Feb. 16, 2023.

Her pregnancy was considered a rarity, not just because of the number of babies, but because of how she carried them.

There were two gestational sacs — with four of the five babies being identical multiples.

“She had a quintuplet pregnancy with four identical females. Reports of spontaneous quintuplets vary but are about 1 in 60 million,” Dr. Rachael Morris, associate professor of maternal fetal medicine at University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), stated during a press conference. 

The Ladner family grew very quickly from a family of two to a family of seven with four girls and one boy — Adalyn Elizabeth, Magnolia Mae, Everleigh Rose, Malley Kate and Jake Eaton. 


In March, the Ladners shared the story of their babies’ births with Fox News Digital, but only recently did the couple reveal photos of the quintuplets.

Upon birth, four out of the five babies were just over two pounds, and now they have all surpassed five pounds, Haylee Ladner told Fox News Digital.

“All of the babies are on bottles and are progressing with their feedings,” she said.

They have all been transferred out of their incubators are now in cribs, Ladner added.

Out of the five babies, four of them have been taken off respiratory support.

Haylee and Shawn Ladner are still spending their time at the University Mississippi Medical Center’s NICU, but are very close to taking their newfound family of seven home. 

“I love getting to watch at they reach new milestones,” Haylee Ladner commented.

“It is truly a blessing.”