New Jersey names state sandwich after Taylor Swift: ‘We’ve been waiting for you’


New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) declared “Taylor Swift Ham, Egg, and Cheese” as the official state sandwich of New Jersey on Thursday, May 25, ahead of the singer’s concert dates in the state.

“Welcome to New Jersey. We’ve been waiting for you,” Murphy tweeted, referencing Swift’s 2014 song “Welcome to New York.” 

In a video attached to the tweet, Murphy explained that “In New Jersey, we have a reputation for a great war between Taylor ham and pork roll.” 

“Taylor ham” and “pork roll” are two names for the same product, says the website “Jersey Pork Roll.” 

The product is typically called “Taylor ham” in the northern part of the state. 

Invented in Trenton in 1856 by state senator John Taylor, pork roll is heavily processed meat that is sold in cylindrical tubes, said the site. It is typically sliced, fried and served in a breakfast sandwich. 

“Usually, we let you call it what you want, but since we have a superstar coming to town, we know all too well that we should commemorate the occasion,” said Gov. Murphy in the video. 

“We are declaring the official state sandwich of New Jersey a Taylor Swift ham, egg and cheese,” Murphy also said. 

“Welcome to New Jersey, Taylor! We’ve been waiting for you, and it would have been a cruel summer without you.” 

The Garden State governor also tweeted an image of a proclamation — chock full of Taylor Swift song and album references to boot — declaring that “The Taylor Swift Ham, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich” is the state sandwich of New Jersey. 

The tweet was shared across New Jersey’s official state social media accounts. 

Swift is playing three sold-out shows of “The Eras Tour” on May 26, 27, and 28 at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

On Wednesday, Swift tweeted that a new edition of her latest album, “Midnights,” would be available exclusively to attendees of the New Jersey shows.

“But wait there’s more … for those of you going to the East Rutherford shows — we will have a new special edition CD available ONLY on site starting at 12:30pm ET on Friday! This CD will have a never-before-heard ‘Midnights’ vault track called ‘You’re Losing Me’!” said Swift in her tweet.

Swift, a native of Pennsylvania, has not commented publicly on the “honor” bestowed by neighboring New Jersey. 

This is not the only food item to be named after Swift in honor of her tour.

Earlier in May, an ice cream shop owned by a Pennsylvania teenager made headlines after it named flavors after the songstress. 

Ripleigh Maring, 16, of McSherrystown, Pennsylvania, owns Ripleigh’s Creamery. 

To celebrate Swift’s shows in Philadelphia, she named several ice cream flavors after Swift’s songs and invited the singer to try them out. 

While Swift did not make it to the shop, she did send Maring four dozen roses and a nice note encouraging her to follow her dreams.