Reddit user’s fiancé compared eating meat to slavery, says she’s raising their kids to be vegan


A Reddit user took to that platform after feeling stressed upon learning that his fiancé wants to raise their future children to be vegetarian. 

The user, who posted to the subreddit “TrueOffMyChest” on May 8, said that he and his fiancé do not have kids yet, but are having conversations about children. 

His wife-to-be believes that “eating meat is wrong” because it causes unnecessary suffering to animals, he wrote.

The Redditor’s fiancé said she will not raise their children to think it’s OK to “torture animals,” he wrote.

“She said that eating meat is as bad as slavery,” the user wrote. 

The user said he fought back — but his fiancé feels strongly about the issue, he said.

“I tried to argue that humans have always eaten meat, we have evolved to digest the proteins and, in moderation, healthy portions of quality meat [aren’t] bad for you,” he said. 

The user revealed some other stress points between the two — such as religion.

“She is Christian, I am not,” he said. 

“But we have always agreed our kids can choose to believe in whatever they want to, and we will not force religion or atheism on our kids,” he wrote. 

The vegetarian debate, however, is one the user is not sure his relationship can survive, he noted in his post.

The comments on the post sparked a debate. 

“She said that eating meat is as bad as slavery.”

“If you can’t agree on the values you intend to raise your children with, do not have children together,” one person wrote on the Reddit thread. 

Another said, “if having children is a necessity for marriage, then you already know it’s over.”

Some users sided with the fiancé — saying the user needed to understand that many children grow up as vegetarians and are perfectly healthy.

“If you value animal lives at a similar level to humans, her take is perfectly rational,” one user wrote. 

Many choose to raise their children as vegetarians for multiple reasons such as religious obligations and health conditions, according to health experts.

A well-balanced diet with selections across food groups can be healthy for “all stages of fetal, infant, child and adolescent growth,” says the website of the National Institute of Health.