Texas family rescues tiny 19-year-old dog from pond, returns her to owner within hours


Two young brothers in Texas were heroes to a tiny dog in a tough spot at an area pond

John Stanley, age 10, and Robbie Stanley, age 11, rescued a senior dog from the bushes in a pond near their home in San Antonio, Texas. 

The brothers spotted the dog while they were out fishing and brought it to their mom’s attention, news agency SWNS reported.

Mom Allison Stanley, 32, knew immediately that the dog needed help.

“I could clearly see she was old and blind and likely missing teeth, so I wasn’t too worried about her biting him [Robbie],” she said about the dog.

There are no alligators or any dangerous creatures in the ponds, Stanley noted, so she wasn’t worried about her son getting hurt. 

Young Robbie waded through the water and grabbed the dog from the bushes on the other side of the waterway — using his mom’s sweater just in case any bites might come his way from the little canine. 

The dog came right to Robbie, according to SWNS. 

After they got the dog out of the pond, Stanley said the family brought her home to get her warmed up, since the pond water was cold. 

“We slowly warmed her with our body heat and warm towels,” she told SWNS. 

At home, the family gave the dog a bath in the bathtub and some food to eat, as well.

Stanley then did some research online to see if she could find out anything about a potential owner of the dog, she said.

Within hours, the Stanleys discovered that the dog had been missing for more than 48 hours. 

The family reunited her with her owners that very same night, according to SWNS. 

The owners revealed to the Stanleys that the sweet pup was 19 years old. 

Stanley said her son Robbie got to be a hero that day — something “he deserved.”