The 10 best new car deals for Memorial Day weekend


Car dealers are dealing again.

Thanks to improving supplies, the average amount paid for a new car has fallen below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), and incentives are growing.

There are plenty of discounted models to be found this Memorial Day weekend, but Consumer Reports has highlighted some of the best.

It’s restricted its picks to models with high overall scores in its benchmark ratings.

“You’re likely to see ads for other models, but they may have come up short in Consumer Reports’ testing,” the organization said.

“It is important that shoppers to do their research and not be swayed by the savings alone.”

The Consumer Reports top 10 picks include everything from sedans to pickups available for discounts as high as 10% below MSRP.

Below are the best deals listed with the estimated discounts and price ranges for each model line. All of them run through at least May 31: