These Mother’s Day gifts and gadgets are unique, fun and affordable


Home improvement experts and TV personalities Alison and Skip Bedell joined “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday to talk about some great gifts for Mother’s Day that go beyond a gift basket or flower delivery. 

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 14 — and these gifts should all arrive in time for the big day, the Bedells noted.

First, the Bedells introduced Vitapods, a machine that makes beverages full of vitamins and nutrients — from pods. 

“You get all the minerals and vitamins, polyphenols, that you need,” said Skip Bedell.

Vitapods have “Beauty+” and “Sports+” varieties, explained Skip Bedell. 

The Beauty+ pods contain collagen, biotin and zinc — “all the things to keep moms looking great,” he said.

“They’re great for your hair, your nails and your skin,” said Alison Bedell. 

Typically, a person would apply collagen to the skin via a cream or serum. 

With Vitapods, “you just drink it,” said Alison Bedell. 

Vitapods is also offering a special package for Mother’s Day, said Skip Bedell, including a machine to make the beverages, a package of “Beauty+” and “Sport+” pods as well as a water bottle for 50% off of the normal price. 

“I drink one of these every single morning. It really makes a huge difference,” said Alison Bedell. 

Next, the Bedells introduced Lashify, “the original, the number-one DIY lash extension kit,” said Alison Bedell. 

“I do these myself,” she added. “It’s super easy.”

Consumers still shopping for their mom can find a special deal for Lashify with code “Alisonbedell,” she also said.

“You can get it by Mother’s Day,” she said. “It’s got the lashes, the bond, the tools, the sealer — everything that you need.” 

Skip Bedell then showed off TikiTunes, a portable speaker that resembles a tiki torch. 

“TikiTunes are amazing,” he said. 

The product is a waterproof tiki torch that is battery-operated and lasts for 12 hours. 

“You can link up to 100 of these, but here’s the best part: a Bluetooth speaker in this,” he said.

“Now Mom can enjoy a flickering flame at home, listen to her music, take it outside, [put it on a] table-top … and you can link them up to have surround sound,” said Skip Bedell.

“You can have a tiki torch and listen to Brian Kilmeade,” joked Rachel Campos-Duffy.

A discount code for $30 off the purchase of a speaker is available at Skip Bedell’s website, the couple noted.