UK centenarian receives more than 300 cards for 100th birthday: King Charles III reportedly sent well-wishes


A 100-year-old woman celebrated her milestone birthday with more than 300 cards from around the world – including best wishes from King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Daphne Hikin, 100, is a resident at the Woodstock Residential Care Centre in Sittingbourne, Kent, United Kingdom. 

For her 100th birthday, the staff at the nursing home started a radio and social media campaign, hoping to get 100 cards from well-wishers to celebrate Hikin on her special day, said the news agency SWNS. 

The campaign was more than successful; Hikin received a staggering 345 cards from complete strangers, including from as far away as Australia, said SWNS. 

While Hikin was excited to get the cards, she did have logistical concerns, said the agency. 

“Where on earth am I going to put these?” she asked the staff. 

Staff members decided to dedicate a room at the care home to display the staggering collection of cards, said SWNS. 

“I honestly can’t believe that so many people took the time to wish me a happy birthday, it’s quite remarkable,” said Hikin. “I have been spoiled rotten.” 

Hikin admitted that she “always thought birthdays got less exciting when you got older, but how wrong was I!”

In addition to the cards, Hikin also received balloons, streamers, flowers, a birthday banner, her favorite candies and a Dalmatian stuffed animal, said SWNS. 

“I’ve got a lot of thank you cards to write,” she said. 

At her birthday party, Hikin was entertained by an Elvis tribute act and received an Elvis-themed chocolate birthday cake and cupcakes, said SWNS. 

“Firstly, on behalf of myself and the rest of the team, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who sent Daphne a birthday card for making her milestone birthday so memorable,” said Roz Kelly, home manager at Woodstock Residential Care Centre.

Hikin’s happiness at the cards and celebration was “immensely rewarding for all involved and reminds us why we come to work each morning,” said Kelly.

“We went on to have a great Elvis-themed birthday celebration with all her friends and family, where in the afternoon, there was a little less conversation and a little more action as Daphne took to the dance floor to show us how it’s done,” said Kelly.

“She was also delighted to receive an extra special card from King Charles and Queen Camilla.”