Video shows moment baby in stroller rolling toward traffic is saved by good Samaritan


Dramatic security video at a Southern California car wash shows the moment a good Samaritan saves a baby in a stroller rolling toward a busy road. 

A woman is shown doing something in the back seat of her car when she sees the stroller rolling backwards down a slope toward the traffic. 

However, as she moves toward the stroller, she trips and falls flat on the ground. 

Struggling to get up, she collapses again and is unable to get back up. 

But, just as the stroller reaches the edge of the street, a man sprints from the right side of the camera to stop it and a second man helps the woman — who NBC Los Angeles identified as the baby boy’s great aunt — finally get up. She reportedly suffered injuries to her knees.

It was a windy day in Hesperia on Monday at approximately 3 p.m., when the incident took place. Debris is seen blowing behind the stroller as it rolls. 

The man who stopped the stroller was identified as Ron Nessman, the brother of Donna Gunderson, who shared the video from the A1 Car Wash. 

“I knew I could get it and I got it and I’m thankful for that because I really wouldn’t want to see the end result if I wasn’t there,” Nessman told the station. 

He gave the woman a hug after he pushed the stroller back up the hill.

Nessman had been at a job interview at a nearby Applebee’s restaurant and was in the right place at the right time. His sister was sitting at a nearby patio.

He has been living with his sister for the past three months after being homeless for about eight years, in part due to depression after the death of his girlfriend.

“I decided to get right. If you want something different in your life, you do something different and that’s where I am at today. I thank my sister for helping me out. She’s always been there for me,” Nessman said, noting that he’s hoping an employer would see the story and give him an opportunity.

Gunderson told NBC Los Angeles that the video should be a lesson to anyone who uses a stroller: Don’t forget to lock the wheels on hills or on windy days.

“Just as simple as hitting the brake,” she said.