Woman said she talks with ‘dead relatives,’ sees angels: Now, celebs want her help


A mom in the United Kingdom who claims she is able to communicate with dead relatives and angels reportedly is being inundated with celebrity clients from across Britain as well as the world — including a host of singers and TV stars who are seeking her abilities. 

Chloe Smith, 25, first began advertising her special “powers” some 14 months ago after discovering at her grandmother’s funeral that she could see spirits, as SWNS, the British news service, reported.

Since then, a string of celebrity clients have been lining up to try to make use of her abilities.

Smith first made headlines after it emerged she was a spiritual adviser to the likes of British media personalities, reality TV stars and others. 

Since then, Netflix celebs and others have been enlisting her help, SWNS said.

Kelsey Parker — wife of the late Tom Parker, singer with The Wanted — reportedly also speaks with Smith as she works through her grief after losing her husband to brain cancer.

Said Smith of Uttoxeter, in Staffordshire, “I don’t know how these celebs all find me, but to me, they are just another client, and they are normal people like you and I,” as SWNS reported. 

“Some of them have lost a loved one and I help with the grieving process.”

“Some come for fertility readings, others for love reasons,” Smith added. 

“Some of them have lost a loved one and I help with the grieving process.”

Smith also told SWNS, “I’m not just a person who sees dead people, which some people find weird and don’t believe me — but I help with depression and anxiety, too. I just talk to these people. They have regular readings and I [am] in constant contact with them.”

She said as well, “We talk about their emotions and people who have passed over. I try to dig deeper to things that aren’t online.”

Smith also said of her work, “I read people’s energy and how they’re feeling and give them love and guidance on top of that.”

She said that her “favorite thing” about her ability to help others is that “I’m more down to earth.” 

She said she can see spirits everywhere she goes. 

She said she’s able “to help them overcome situations that other people might not understand.”

Smith now has a YouTube series — “and I’ve just confirmed a book deal, so things are going well at the moment.”

Smith has over 157,000 followers on social media, she said.

She first realized her abilities after seeing the spirit of her own grandmother at her funeral four years ago, she said.

A mom of three, Smith said she began helping people with readings for free but enjoyed it so much she started her own business in January 2023.

She said she can see spirits everywhere she goes. 

She charges around £35 (or nearly $45 in U.S. dollars) per reading, she said, and insisted she needs only needs a photo to start connecting with the spiritual realm.

“I’ve always kind of sensed things happening before they were going to happen.”

Today she works as a medium full-time, she said.

She told SWNS, “I’ve always kind of sensed things happening before they were going to happen. My [grandmother] passed away four years ago and I went to her funeral and I saw her standing there.”

She went on, “I went back and started seeing angels and dead people at home. It was such a positive feeling — I didn’t feel anxious or scared. It does sound crazy but I’m really honest with how I see people. I go with my gut feeling.”

She also claimed she “can help predict whether [someone is] having a baby boy or a girl.” 

She said, “I had a 99% success rate for fertility readings. People are coming back to me a year later and saying I was right.”

She also said, “I know there’s going to be an ambulance coming around the corner. It’s like that déjà vu feeling. I can see your past, present and future.”

She also told SWNS, “I had a lot of dreams from people telling me to use my gift — and that’s what I did.”