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LunaPic Alternative – Free Online Photo Editors

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LunaPic is a web-based photo editing online tool that enables you to rotate, crop, and resize pictures. The online tool also helps you to filter images and add a range of stunning effects. The one-in-all tool is an editing solution that gives you the ability to edit any given size of an image, creates slideshows, transparent, draws paint, and make collage with thousands of copies.

LunaPic has a simple interface and editor designed for both experts and beginners. Everyone can draw and enhance an image using the tool. With lunapic, you can upload any size or kind of a photo and change it to a different format. One of the most fantastic thing about lunapic is that you can use it to create a Gif file with different photos and effects.

The online application has multiple effects and filters, many fonts, hundreds of borders, add a sticker, draw paint, and convert a photo into a different format. The tool is free for everyone hence no registration required, or personal information to enjoy the service.

Apart from lunapic, other online tools work similarly and give an excellent final product as you grow in your photography profession.

Lunapic - photo editor

1.      Pixlr

Pixlr is an online photo editor for all of your editing needs. Pixlr editor allows you to open a picture from an URL or create a project from scratch. To save time, you can also import an image from Facebook. The online tool gives you multiple selections of filters to experiment with for both fun and professional work. Pixlr supports masks and layers for advanced editing.

Pixlr editor history tool is useful especially in enabling you to scroll through action, undoing, and repeating when necessary. The editing tool does not need any download, and it is free. To enjoy the service of this editing application, no registration or creation of an account is required.

Features of Pixlr

Ø  Stylize your photograph to look like a pencil drawing, an ink sketch, a poster, and more.

Ø  Share your images directly with friends through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Ø  Resize images quickly and easily after editing.

Ø  Mask your image with captions or overlay it with text. Choose from a variety of fonts.

Ø  Make your selfies excellent with simple tools to remove blemishes and red-eyes or to whiten your teeth.

Ø  Layer multiple photos and blend them to get a unique look, using Double Exposure.

Ø  Keep track of your best effects and overlays with the Favorites button.

Ø  Keep things fresh by using growing catalog of additional effects, overlays, and border packs.

Ø  Concentrate on one color with Color Splash or add impact with Focal Blur.

Ø  Complete your editing process with the right border – pick a style that suits you.

Ø  Develop photo collages with a variety of choices for layout, background, and spacing.

Ø  Choose from a combination of effect packs to give your image a look and feel you want.

Ø  Balance out the color in one easy click with Auto Fix.

Ø  Change the mood of the photo with overlays – amplify the tone, cool it down, or add surreal shades.

Pros of Pixlr

Ø  Excellent design

Ø  Advanced editing features

Cons of Pixlr

Ø  Requires extensive download

Ø  Complicated photo resizing function

2. PicsArt

PicsArt is an image editing, collage and drawing application, and a social network. The online tool enables you to take and edit pictures, draw with layers, and share the images with the Picsart community and other systems like Instagram and Facebook. The excellent app is available on iOS, Androids, and windows mobile devices.

With thousands of impressive features, picsart include tools to create crop, cutout, clone, stretch, add text, and adjust curves. The device also has excellent artistic photo filters (including HDR), backgrounds, frames, borders, callouts, and more. The lunapic alternative has a lot of fonts for adding texts to your pictures and creating memes. Picsart provides a rapidly evolving sets of AL- powered effects and also allows you to make double exposure using layers with adjustable transparency.

Features of Picsart

Ø  Stickers

Ø  Social Network

Ø  Shape Masks

Ø  Photo Filters

Ø  Photo Editor

Ø  Fonts & Texts

Ø  Drawing

Ø  Distortion Tool

Ø  Collage Maker

Pros of Picsart

Ø  Highly intuitive

Ø  Numerous effects and filters

Ø  Social media integration

Ø  Multiple sharing methods

Cons of Picsart

Ø  Overly overwhelming

Ø  Lagging of some effects

3. PhotoMania

Photomania is an easy and powerful fun photo art application that has all the professional features and editing tools. The photo editor auto enhances your images faster and efficiently without the need of being an expert with software like Photoshop. The lunapic alternative can easily convert your portrait photos into artistic sketches, funny cartoons, beautiful painting, and art frames.

Photomania enables you to share your creations with your pals on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, and Twitter. The online application is a free mobile photo editor hence, no registration needed

Features of PhotoMania

Ø  Sketch effects – you can customize your image by sketching it using a range of sketcher tools such as pencil sketcher, Notebook doodle, ink pen writing, Sketcher, and colored pencil.

Ø  Vintage effects – photo mania gives your photo a retro look with vintage effects such as Polaroid, Sunrise filter, Old photography, Gritty effects, paper effects, and various photo styles for an excellent impression.

Ø  Painting effects – the application painting effects include a one tap auto-enhance, different cartoonizer styles, and instant beauty boost. Photomania also gives you a simple photo effect such as paintbrush with several brush stroke options like pastel painting and watercolors.

Ø  Camera effects – one of the most vital thing about photo mania is that it has incredible camera effects that help you in coming up with a great final product. The camera section has a lot of photography styles such as Vignetting, Sepia, Orton, Daylight, B&W, Lomo, HDR colors and more.

4. Acorn

Acorn is a beautiful image editor that invests on an interface that promotes simplicity by allowing you to create a professional looking photo. With acorn, you will be able to build your artwork from scratch. The app has a brush designer tool, though you can import brushes designed for Photoshop.

The editing tool supports support RAW images by using macOS’s import filters.

Features of Acorn

Ø  Export support for eight different formats

Ø  Scriptable batch editing options

Ø  Support for layers and masks

Pros of Acorn

Ø  Affordably priced

Ø  Displays only the menus relevant to you

Ø  Incredibly easy to pick up and use

Cons of Acorn

Ø  Competing with other easy-to-use software that’s as effective and reasonably priced

Ø  Doesn’t give all the features of more professional platforms

Ø  No photo organizer included

4. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is a powerful and impressively easy to use image editor. The excellent tool features an elegant and streamlined single-window interface that helps in putting all the focus on the image you edit. The lunapic alternative has intuitive tools for resizing, moving, and arranging layers. The app organizes machine non-destructive such that, you can resize and rotate without any problem.

Features of Pixelmator

Top-notch painting tools

Ø  Adjust brush settings to have just the look you desire

Ø  Cover any place with beautiful gradients and color fills

Ø  Paint with Pixelmator like you would on canvas

Ø  Use a brush with different sizes, shapes, hardness, and blending modes

Retouching tools

Ø  Correct wrinkles and work on scratches

Ø  Make flaws move away from your photos, remove or rearrange objects in a composition

Ø  Blur, sharpen, lighten, or darken specific areas

Ø  Reshape areas to improve or give images an utterly unexpected look subtly

Ø  mix different tools and effects for an endless number of ways to refine your models

Drawing tools

Ø  Make buttons, icons, web page elements, illustrations, and much more

Ø  Easily add, create, combine, and edit shapes

Ø  add shadows, fills, and strokes for more advanced configurations

Ø  add lines fast and, circles, rectangles, polygons, and many more custom shapes

A real effects machine

Ø  change exposure, hue, saturation, shadows and highlights, brightness, contrast, and much more

Ø  An elegant collection of professional-grade color correcting tools

Ø  Combine diverse effects for unique, near-effortless artistic creations

Ø  Dramatically improve less-than-perfect images with one click

Ø  Play with over 160 breathtaking results

Ø  Replace and remix colors

Layer Styles

Ø  Apply any of the layer styles presets using drag and drop

Ø  joins a set of effects to create and save your unique layer style presets

Ø  Easily add a layer that do not have distinctive effects like shadows, outlines, color, gradient fills, or reflections

Ø  Or use any of the Pixelmator Team-designed layer styles presets

Compatibility for LunaPic

Ø  Launch Pixelmator straight from Photos and save edits back to the initial image

Ø  Open and save 16-bits per channel images

Ø  Open and save images using PSD, PDF, JPEG, PNG, HEIF, TIFF, and other popular formats

Ø  Open and save Photoshop images with layers

5. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is a fun an easy to use photo editing software that makes it possible for you to fix and enhance photos. PhotoScape avails a simple user interface to perform common photo enhancements including cutting, printing, resizing, color adjustment, and GIF animation. The lunapic alternative operates on Microsoft Windows system and Mac. The excellent application default language includes Korea and English.

Features of PhotoScape

Ø  Color Picker – Pick a color from screen pixel.

Ø  Face Finder – Find similar faces through the internet.

Ø  Featured Printer – Print photos for particular occasions, such as Passport photo, or lined pages such as a graph, calendar or music paper.

Ø  GIF Animation – Make multiple images into GIF -animated image.

Ø  Page Creator –joins multiple photos into poster-like single page or one final picture.

Ø  Photo Batch-Editor – Process multiple photos at once, rename various images at once.

Ø  Photo Editor –  Enhance and balance color, resize, add effects and clip-arts.

Ø  Photo Viewer –  Browse and organize photos.

Ø  RAW Converter – Convert RAW format picture into JPEG Format

Ø  Screen Capture – Save monitor screen into an image file.

6.      Pixenate

Pixenate is a white-label online photo editor that is designed for integration with any existing social network or photo printing or sharing website. The online application works on Opera browser, Firefox, Safari, and IE. The lunapic alternative can significantly enhance the stickiness of your web by offering an easy to use integrated photo editor that doesn’t require downloading and installing extra software.

Pixenate comes with many features that make your photo editing easy. Such features include

Fill Flash

Brighten up under-exposed photos without interfering with the quality of your picture. The fill-flash tool is excellent for photos taken using camera-phones.

Full Undo & Redo

Once you make an error, you can always roll back to the previous version of the image. Pixenate supports full Undo and Redo.


The crop app allows you to crop your photos to the size of your choice. Crop settings are fully configurable. If you give prints and products in predefined sizes, the crop tool can be comfortably configuring them to match your print and product dimensions.

Extensible photo-editing.

Pixenate works by using a plugin architecture so if there is an app or effect which isn’t already available in Pixenate you can create new effects/tools and include them to Pixenate.


The rotate tool helps you to rotate, flip/mirror vertically and horizontally and turn a photo by an arbitrary amount (for example to fix the horizon on crooked images).

Freehand Drawing

Freehand Drawing assist to you gets creative with photos, allowing them to enhance and personalize their photos by drawing using any combination of colors and brush sizes to make pictures personal and unique.

Cosmetic Improvements.

Red-Eye removal is probably the essential cosmetic feature in Pixenate. Red-Eye is a significant problem with indoor photography. The removal tool makes it easy for users to remove red-eye with just a few mouse clicks. Teeth-Whitening is another useful cosmetic plugin provided by Pixenate. The Teeth-whitening tool lets users whiten off-color teeth with natural-looking results.

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