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Top 10 alternatives of Megashare

Megashare is the best free app that is going to give you all the TV shows and Cinemas free of cost. Never think that you will get them at low quality, as each of them is available at HD setup. It is also known for its personal movie stream service. Some of the best features of the app are as follows –

  • You will get all TV shows and movies at HD quality
  • All the shows are free of cost to be downloaded
  • You can short the channels and movies according to different genres

Other sorting modes like that of languages, actors and year of release are also there to support your streaming.

Despite all of them, you can think of some of the alternatives to this app. Yes, they are very much available and that you can find here only.  As you will go through the features of each of the items, you will find that they are all parallel to that of the Megashare. Here are the top 10 alternatives of the same –

megashare alternatives

1. Solar Movie.php

This is the movie house that can serve you with its extreme collection of movies in the best way. The collection of this channel is outstanding and that you can find at ease either through the categorization of shows, shown on the homepage or by simply making a search by the actor names, years or movie names. All the movies available here are free of cost and downloadable directly on your device. The main difference of this channel with Megashare is in the process of streaming here, as that is not linked with that of the cloud at all.

Essential features –

All the movies are directly streamed and the streaming is not made on the clouds but on the device itself. So chances of buffering are not dependent on the server but on the device support of yours.

  • All the movies are available in their HD quality
  • Easy to search for any movie from the huge collection
  • Excellent landing page sorting, with suggestions based on your preferences
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy for searching and sorting videos
  • All the movies available are directly downloadable and there is no cost behind it.

You are going to get the best movies in their full HD format, but the only problem that you are going to face here is – the channel is only available in the web version.

2. 123 Movies

This is the TV channel that is having some of the excellent features and here also, you are going to get the best collection of latest movies and the most watched playlist. So, live streaming on this channel with HD quality videos is really enjoyable. You can feature out the best features for your audio or video streaming output, according to your requirement. So, experience extremely atmosphere to watch the best collection of movies among all the video streaming sites. In one word, this channel can be stated to be one of the best alternatives to Megashare, for the collection it has and for the excellent HD quality of streaming it will give you.

Essential features

  • All movies available in the channel is of HD quality
  • Live video streaming is available only in this web app
  • You can get through the best collection of latest movies here
  • The TV channel is extremely popular for the beautiful collection of all the latest movies

Everything in this streaming web app is so good that you will find addiction in yourself to use it. However, there are some odd things here too. One of them is regarding the streaming – there is no option to download movies to your device and see them offline here. Another thing is that there is no streaming of TV series here.

3. Movie25

This is the TV channel that will emphasize you to watch a show each day. There are different genres in this web app and each of them is meant to give you an extra advantage. You can get through the horror movies, action movies, dramas or comedy movies at your wish. So, there is no need for browsing on this TV channel. Excellent collection of TV series is going to give the best view to you and that s the best part of the entire thing. Get through the major features of the channel as you must go through them to choose it as the Megashare alternative.

Essential features

  • All the movies are streamed at their HD quality
  • You can stream the movies according to genres like – horror, comedy or action or drama – so easy searching of your favorite movies.
  • Huge collection of movies – in fact, the best collection that you will get among all the live streaming networks
  • Perfectly aligned with the system as all the streams are connected with the cloud directly

The only thing that is missing here is the allowance to download the movies on your system. Although another thing is often said by the users – the web app faces buffering at some of the times, while server pressure is excessive.

4. Movie4K

This is the channel that is easiest to be browsed and watch movies. You will get here extremely high-quality videos and excellent interface that will also allow you to customize the show style and the equalizer. So, you can easily attach your headphone to get the support of 3D movie shows. You will also get a good collection of Box-office hit movies here of all times and at the end, it must be declared that this is the streaming which is regarded to be the fastest among all the channels providing you the same thing.

Essential features

  • All the movies available here can be streamed at HD level
  • You will get a huge collection of HD movies here and all the hit movies as well
  • Streaming is extremely good here and that is one of the best features of the channel
  • It can be regarded as one of the best alternatives of Megashare as you need not even have to go for registration here to watch movies

The features of the app are extremely good to declare it as one of the best alternatives of all the streaming channels, but here also you are not allowed to download the movies.

5. Los Movies

This is the movie streaming network that has the best collection of latest movies. In fact, there is no chance that you will search for a movie here and that will be available on the network here. The best thing is that you are going to get all the movies in their HD version.

Essential features

E The first clause of this network lies in the quality of the movies – the best quality streaming is available here.

  • Along with HD quality movies, you will get all the latest movies here
  • There are different sections like horror, comedy, Sci-fi, and others
  • In each of the segments, you will get all the latest movies here.

The main complaint here is – due to the extremely high quality of streaming, speed here is much slower when compared to that of Megashare. Another issue here is about downloads – this is not available here.

6. Prime wire

This is one of the best online free movie streaming channels and that is due to the excellent collection of movies, high speed streaming and HD movie quality. It is having filtering effects too and all of the things are available free of cost.

Essential features

  • HD movie streaming
  • Huge collection of movies
  • All the latest movies at one place
  • High-speed streaming
  • Filtering effects with different categorization

All the things in this channel are perfectly synchronized to give you an outstanding effect of movie watching. There are different such channels which are often compared with Megashare but this one can be regarded to be a perfect alternative, but the only issue here is about the non-downloadable movies.

7. Putlocker

This is one of the finest movie streaming network that is going to act as the best alternative to Movieshare for the HD quality of movies, thousands of movie collections and easy buffering free streaming – all at free of cost. You will get five to eight genres here and that is going to give an edge over the other streaming networks too.

Essential features

  • HD quality live streaming
  • Excellent collection of thousands of movies, from classic to the latest
  • High-quality streaming and good speed without buffering
  • Genres availability that is going to give the best support of browsing the movies

The web app is one of the best live streaming networks, but the only issue that people feels here is related to the downloads. There is no available mode like that, otherwise, it is indisputably the best streaming site for all.

8. Viooz

This is a movie streaming site that is going to give you some of the additional things other than the regular HD streaming, high speed, and excellent movie collection. This includes an outstanding interface, user ease for browsing movies, excellent latest movie collection and finally, the video quality setting mode for you will also get equalizer support here to make the audio superior easily.

Essential features

  • Excellent HD movie streaming
  • High-speed streaming of latest movies without buffering
  • Huge collection of movies
  • Excellent interface
  • Easy browsing for users
  • Free movie watching feature
  • Video quality customizing support

This is often regarded to be one of the best alternative networks against Megashare. There are several reasons to state that, but the only difference here is that you cannot download the movies.

9. Watch Series TV

This is a different type of alternative to Megashare as here you will not get movies, but the other side of Media share – the live streaming of TV series. You can also get the earlier episodes here too and in each of the cases, you will find the HD quality series on your device. You can get hold of the total series also and it is easy to browse down the TV shows, as they are categorized according to year and according to the channels.

Essential features

  • The dedicated TV series watching web app
  • Get all the latest episodes with HD streaming
  • High speed streaming with the excellent  support of getting hold of the full series
  • Massive collection – in one word all the TV series you can think of

This is the TV streaming channel and here you will not get movies at all. However, the biggest thing here is that you will not be able to download the movies on your system.


This is the only alternative to Megashare, where you will get both movies and also the TV series. All the streaming here is of HD quality and that you will get with an online watching support at high speed. The movie’s collection here is wonderful and the best thing is that you will get all the latest series of TV shows. In fact, the latest episodes are also streamed here directly. So, this is something that you will not even get in the case of media share.

Essential features

  • This is the channel that is going to give you both TV show watching aid as well as movie watching aid
  • You will be finding a simple interface and that will help you in movie watching at a homely environment
  • Streaming here is at high speed and all the shows are available at the HD version
  • The TV shows come with the latest episode and even live streaming support
  • Huge collection of movies with easy browsing support, along with category divisions

This is the best web channel that is going to give the best support other than Megashare to watch both movies and TV series. You cannot download the shoes – this is the only area where it goes to back foot.


Above are the details of the top 10 alternatives of Megashare and all of them are highly equipped and very much popular among the viewers. There are no fees in any of the channels and hence can be availed at ease – so you can give them a try.

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