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MyHREConnection Giant Eagle – Login It

MyHREConnection Giant Eagle

Finding the right people who can fit into your workforce is imperative to your organization’s overall health and development. If your organization does not have a suitable workforce, it will negatively affect the growth of your company and you will find it difficult to stand toe to toe with your competitors. To find the right workers, an organization needs a solid HR system to seek and invite the best-fitted talents to join them.

What is MyHREConnection?

What is MyHREConnection

MyHREConnection is a platform which has been designed with an aim to help different organizations find the right fit for them. This is done by providing HR assistance to the organization. This platform is very popular and is being used by a lot of leading organizations to tackle their workforce challenges.

The platform is designed in such a way that it can provide the exact requirement to the organization by taking care of their needs of project management, leadership support, etc. Not having a right and well-trained workforce is one of the reasons for the failure of many organizations. A lack of competitive workforce holds the company back in the market which ultimately ends in them getting obsolete.

Here is where MyHREConnection comes to play. It can act like a total substitute for an organization’s HR need and an organization can completely rely on MyHREConnection for their needs. It acts like a centralized resource or platform which provides the desired HR assistance wherever and whenever to the management team of the organization.

Features of MyHREConnection

MyHREConnection Giant Eagle

The power of this platform resides in its ability to provide the required assistance at the right place and at the right time. For that to be possible, MyHREConnection comes set with a whole lot of features which allows it to perform as desired and thus making it stand out from other such platforms available for the same purposes. Its most important features are listed below.

  1. Immediate support – the platform provides immediate support as and when needed by the organization. It is also integrated with resources that will help it deliver exactly what was demanded of it by the organization.
  2. Understanding the needs of the organization – the platform is designed in such a way that it understands what an organization wants and then cater to it by delivering the requirements based on this understanding. The assistance is offered only after the needs of the organization are made clear.
  3. 24/7 availability and access – the platform can also be accessed and used by the employees for their own needs if they have the required know-how. Employees can use this platform to get information anytime and from anywhere.
  4. Support and assistance – the platform also provides good customer support to the organization employees. This support is provided via calls and chats. The employees can make use of the support system to get the right assistance whenever they need it.

Instructions to Login to your MyHREConnection

MyHREConnection Giant Eagle

The process of MyHREConnection login is fairly straightforward. You still need a few things that you have to keep ready. You definitely need a stable and fast internet connection and a device which can help you access the internet. Also, make sure that you have the necessary credentials which you will have to type in so that you will be able to log in.

Open MyHREConnection login page from your workstation

  1. Start by being at your computer workstation. Open Internet Explorer. 
  2. Click on the ‘Navigate To’ tab in GE Central.
  3. Now, in the drop-down menu, click on the ‘MyHREConnection’ link.
  4. Now, the MyHREConnection login screen will be displayed.

Open MyHREConnection login page from any computer

  1. Make sure that the device you are using has internet access. Now, open any web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.
  2. In the URL bar, type in ‘’.
  3. You will see that the MyHREConnection login screen will be displayed.

How to log in to MyHREConnection

  1. Enter your 7 characters team member ID number in the user ID field.
  2. Now, enter your password in the space provided.
  3. Click on ‘Login’.

The home page for MyHREConnection will be displayed if the credentials you entered are correct. Note that, the first time you successfully login to the platform, you will be presented with the ‘Your password has expired’ screen. You will have to reset your password then.

Changing your password in Giant Eagle MyHREConnection

  1. Re-enter the same password that you entered in the MyHREConnection login page in the ‘Current Portal Password’ field.
  2. Enter a new password in the ‘New Password’ field that meets the criteria listed. Boxes given below will turn green as validated content requirements are met.
  3. Confirm the new password by typing it again in the ‘Confirm password’ field.
  4. Once all the criteria are met, click on ‘Reset your password’.

Setting your security questions

The first time you successfully log in to the platform, you will be asked to set three security questions. You can set them by following these steps.

  1. Select the drop-down box for ‘First Question’ and select a question from the list. Enter your answer to the question inside the text box given below the question.
  2. Repeat step one for ‘Second Question’ and ‘Third Question’. Make sure to select a different question each time.
  3. Once done, click on ‘Save’.

How to reset your password in case you forget it

If you forgot your password, you can reset it by answering the security questions that you set before. Follow the guide given below to reset your password in case you forgot it.

  1. Click on ‘Forgot my password’ link on the MyHREConnection login screen.
  2. Enter your user name in the space provided.
  3. Click on the  ‘Answer my questions’ link after that.
  4. Now, enter the correct answer to each of the security questions.
  5. After that, enter a new password in the ‘New Password’ field that meets all the criteria that are listed there. Boxes below will turn green as the content requirements are validated and met.
  6. Confirm the new password by typing it again in the ‘Confirm password’ field.
  7. Now, click on the ‘Reset your password’ link.

If you face any difficulty with the MyHREConnection login or the application, you can contact them in 1-888-892-2248. Hope the article was helpful. Feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions or complains.

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